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National coverage of GS1 on Mexican radio

GS1 leaders spoke to millions in Mexico during a live radio interview!

“GS1 standards: making a difference every day for businesses, industry and the consumer”

GS1 Mexico is pleased to share the radio interview that took place on 17 May, during the GS1 General Assembly in Mexico City. GS1 Chairman of the Board Mike Mc Namara, Miguel Lopera, CEO of GS1, and Flor Argumedo, President of GS1 Mexico together explained how GS1 standards-adoption has expanded worldwide, bringing efficiencies to many areas of retail trade.

They talked about the 30th anniversary of GS1 Mexico and how it all began with the barcode and continued over the years—laying the foundation for what is now an e-commerce “revolution”.

GS1 is developing strategies to meet consumer needs

The interview was broadcast to millions of listeners from around the country on the #1 radio programme in Mexico: LaRed with Sergio and Lupita. The audience heard about the fast-paced digital evolution, led by consumer-demand for more information about products. This demand is driving GS1 to develop strategies to meet those needs.

GS1 Mexico and other GS1 Member Organisations from around the world are pioneers in a global supply chain where consumers use their mobile devices to access broader product information, such as nutrition, recipes, allergens and more. This work will crystalize into the future of e-commerce: a seamless shopping experience… an omni-channel reality.