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New! The GS1 Discovery App now has a Foodservice version

The GS1 Foodservice Discovery App helps users understand this dynamic, consumer-driven supply chain.

An ordinary fish on and extraordinary journey

We invite you to continue your GS1 standards journey, as we have broadened the scope of our growing web app to follow a shipment of fresh fish from catch to restaurant, explaining along the way how GS1 standards create efficiencies, as well as build a foundation for food safety, traceability and accurate product information.

Whether you are harvesting fresh food, or you're a processor, distributor, wholesaler, regulator, foodservice operator, restaurant or stakeholder – or simply a customer eating out or grabbing a takeaway – today’s foodservice landscape is changing and the GS1 Discovery App is here to help.

Understand the expectations of today’s consumers with the GS1 Discovery App

Today’s restaurants, fast-food outlets, takeaways, canteens and public kitchens are complex places – with customers expecting more choices than ever before, served as quickly as possible. The customer needs to know that the products they eat are completely safe, and they want to know more about nutritional and allergen information.

The GS1 Discovery App enables users to understand how trusted information is being shared, enabling stronger communication between trading partners, ultimately benefiting the consumer.

It’s time to begin your Foodservice journey!

Access the Foodservice Discovery app