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Standards Save: GS1 Canada endorses new research into patient safety

 GS1 Canada has endorsed an independent academic thought paper by Dr. Anne Snowdon- Visibility: The New Value Proposition for Health Systems- that highlights how global standards improve safety and efficiency across healthcare and the critical role that GS1 standards can play in protecting patient safety and driving supply chain efficiency.

The report covers two years of research comprising in-depth interviews with over 50 Canadian and global experts (including seven Canadian provinces and global leaders from the USA, Australia and the UK), a detailed review of hospital and government records, as well as inclusion of prior Canadian and international research. It also identifies a number of key areas where Canada needs to develop stronger policies and practices around global standards in healthcare, if it is to join world leaders such as the UK and Australia.

GS1 Canada is currently working with healthcare executives and supply chain leaders to advance the movement to the adoption of GS1 standards across Canada’s entire healthcare system.
“This research shows that, as good as Canadian healthcare currently is, there are significant opportunities to make it even better, even safer, even more efficient.” says John King, Chair of GS1 Canada’s Healthcare Advisory Council, and former EVP of St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. “At every point in the healthcare supply chain, we have the ability to use standards to improve everyone’s number one priority - patient safety.”

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