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Mask Designer ID (MDID) Assignment

Per GS1's EPC Tag Data Standard (TDS), the TID memory bank (MB10) of an EPC/RFID chip shall contain an 8 bit ISO/IEC 15963 allocation class identifier of E2h at memory locations 00h to 07h. TID memory above location 07h of MB10 SHALL be configured as follows:

  • 08h: XTID (X) indicator (whether a Tag implements Extended Tag Identification, XTID)
  • 09h: Security (S) indicator (whether a Tag supports the Authenticate and/or Challenge commands)
  • 0Ah: File (F) indicator (whether a Tag supports the FileOpen command)
  • 0Bh to 13h: a 9-bit mask-designer identifier (MDID), available upon application to GS1
  • 14h to 1Fh: a 12-bit, Tag-manufacturer-defined Tag Model Number (TMN)
  • above 1Fh: as defined in TDS section ‎16.2

The following list of MDIDs was last updated on 18 January 2021; it is also available as a machine-readable JSON file, which includes a number of manufacturer-specific TMN entries.

Chip manufacturer 9-bit MDID
Impinj 000000001 
Texas Instruments  000000010
Alien Technology 000000011
Intelleflex  000000100
Atmel  000000101
NXP Semiconductors  000000110
ST Microelectronics  000000111
EP Microelectronics  000001000
Motorola (formerly Symbol Technologies) 000001001
Sentech Snd Bhd  000001010
EM Microelectronics  000001011
Renesas Technology Corp. 000001100
Mstar 000001101
Tyco International 000001110
Quanray Electronics 000001111
Fujitsu 000010000
LSIS 000010001
CAEN RFID srl 000010010
Productivity Engineering GmbH 000010011
Federal Electric Corp. 000010100
ON Semiconductor 000010101
Ramtron 000010110
Tego 000010111
Ceitec S.A. 000011000
CPA Wernher von Braun 000011001
TransCore 000011010
Nationz 000011011
Invengo 000011100
Kiloway 000011101
Longjing Microelectronics Co. Ltd. 000011110
Chipus Microelectronics 000011111
ORIDAO 000100000
Maintag 000100001
Yangzhou Daoyuan Microelectronics Co. Ltd 000100010
Gate Elektronik 000100011
RFMicron, Inc. 000100100
RST-Invent LLC 000100101
Crystone Technology 000100110
Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group  000100111
Farsens 000101000
Giesecke & Devrient GmbH 000101001
AWID 000101010
Unitec Semicondutores S/A 000101011
Q-Free ASA 000101100
Valid S.A. 000101101
Fraunhofer IPMS 000101110
ams AG 000101111
Angstrem JSC 000110000
Honeywell 000110001
Huada Semiconductor Co. Ltd (HDSC) 000110010
Lapis Semiconductor Co., Ltd. 000110011
PJSC Mikron 000110100
Hangzhou Landa Microelectronics Co., Ltd. 000110101
Nanjing NARI Micro-Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 000110110
Southwest Integrated Circuit Design Co., Ltd. 000110111
Silictec 000111000
Nation RFID 000111001
Asygn 000111010
Suzhou HCTech Technology Co., Ltd. 000111011
AXEM Technology 000111100
Guangzhou Syschip Technology Co., Ltd 000111101
MaxWave Microelectronics Ltd. 000111110
IDRO Co., Ltd 000111111
Shanxi Zhongshuo Microelectronics Co., Ltd. 001000000