The Global Language of Business

Beijing 2016 - Presentations

Day 1 - Tuesday


Plenary session - Pharmaceuticals/Traceability from manufacturer to patient

Implementation reality sessions

  • Pharmaceutical traceability – what does it mean for the manufacturers and wholesalers
    • Craig Alan Repec, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Visibility, EPCIS & RFID, GS1 Global Office; Peggy Staver, Drector, Product Integrity, Pfizer; Jeffrey Denton, Senior Director, Secure Supply Chain, AmerisourceBergen Corporation; Michael Rose, Vice President, Supply Chain Visibility, Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain; Scott Mooney, Vice President Distribution Operations, McKesson; Dr. Maximiliano Derecho, Legal Advisor, ANMAT
  • Traceability – implementation and benefits for hospitals and retail pharmacies 
    • Jean-Michel Descoutures, Chief of Pharmacy, Centre Hospitalier Victor Dupouy; Feargal Mc Groarty, National Haemophilia system Project Manager, St. James's Hospital;. Justin Bitter, Business Manager, Bernhoven Hospital; Peter Helmbaek, Senior Consultant, Amgros I/S

Day 2 - Wednesday

Plenary session - Unique Device Identification (UDI) and regulatory Track & Trace initiatives for Medical Devices 

 Implementation Reality Sessions  

  • UDI Implementation AIDC Marking/Labelling
    • Chuck Biss, Senior Director, AIDC Healthcare, GS1 Global Office; Jackie Rae Elkin, Global Process Owner - Standard Product Identification - Global Regulatory Operations and Q&A Moderator, Medtronic. Inc.; Tom Werthwine, Director, Industry Standards, Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain; Stan Malinowski, UDI Lead for GS1 Standards and Marking, Medtronic, Inc.
  • UDI – Data/GDSN
    • Nick Manzo, Sr. Director Global Industry Development, 1WorldSync; Fengming Mao, GDSN, IT Department, GS1 China; Catherine Koetz, Industry Manager, Healthcare, GS1 Australia

Day 3 - Thursday

Plenary session - Hospital implementation