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Day 1

Healthcare, trends and developments, global and local

Mr. Jörg Pretzel, CEO, GS1 Germany
Dr. Boris Fröhlich, CMO, B.Braun
Mr. Wilfried Winzer, Director, University hospital Dresden, Germany

NHS Supply chain strategy - GS1 adoption in a trust

Mr. Alan Foster, CEO, North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust, UK

GS1 standards in German hospitals

Dr. Oliver Gründel, Managing Director, AGKAMED, Germany

Procurement and patient care

Mr. Charles-Edouard Escurat, Deputy Director General, Resah GPO, France

Enhancing patient safety by medication checking

Ms. Gertrud Türk-Ihli, Medius Kliniken, Germany
Mr. Martin Reitstätter, R&D ORBIS Cardiology, Agfa HealthCare

Supply chain, traceability and patient safety

Mr. Rob Drag, Scan4Safety Programme Manager, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, UK

HPAC Award and Presentation of winner of the "Provider Recognition Award"

Provider Advisory Council (HPAC) Award announcement

Presentation of winner of the "Provider Implementation Best Case Study Award"

Presentation of winner of the "Provider Implementation Best Case Study Award

Day 2

GS1 standards as the foundation for implementing the EU FMD

Mr. Dirk Van Den Wouwer, Serialization and end-to-end traceability leader EMEA, Johnson & Johnson

BgMVO presentation (Bulgaria)

Ms. Illiana Paunova, Executive Director, Bulgarian Medicines Verification Organisation (BgMVO)

What is next after the results of implementing GS1 Pilot in the Public Health Supply Chains

Muhammad Tariq, Country Director, Pakistan, USAID | Deliver Project and John Snow, Inc., Health Logistics, Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP)

Pharmaceutical serialization and traceability system in Korea

JeongHwa Oh, Deputy Manager, Pharmaceutical information management department, Korea Pharmaceutical Information Service (KPIS)

Implementation traceability system

Christina Kögler, Packaging Engineer, Bausch & Lomb

The traceability regulation in US and roadmap towards implementation

Mr. Scott Mooney, Vice President, Distribution Operations, McKesson

The traceability regulation in US and roadmap towards implementation

Mr. Jeff Denton, Sr. Director, IT Global Secure Supply Chain, AmerisourceBergen Corp

Day 3

UDI implementation

Melissa Finocchio, Senior Director, Product Labeling & Documentation, BioMerieux, France

UDI implementation at an SME

David Imad, Head of Information & Data Technologies Department, Ulrich Medical

Master data management with GDSN

Michaela Berlich, University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; Hajo Reissmann, MD, University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Traceability for vaccines in Nicaragua

Rehana Wolfe, Director, Global Developing World Vaccines, Pfizer

USAID strategy for adoption of global standards for improved supply chain efficiency

Ramy Guirguis, Senior Information Technology Advisor, USAID; Hayley Traeger, Program Advisor for Strategic Engagement, USAID

Public-Private Global Supply Chain for Pandemic Preparedness and Response

Wolfgang Herbinger, Special Adviser, World Food Programme

Invitation to next Global GS1 Healthcare Conference in Chicago, USA

Siobhan O’Bara, Senior Vice President, Industry Engagement & Services, GS1 US