GS1 Ken Traub Standards Award

Congratulations to our 2017 winners!

Our 2017 award recipients showed tireless commitment, passion and leadership and have enabled businesses around the globe to benefit from GS1 standards:


John Terwilliger

John has been a vocal contributor to GSMP for many years, taking in active role in multiple workgroups and initiatives. He is passionate about the GS1 Standards and strives to see them implemented across industries and business processes. John not only dedicates time to the GSMP process, but is willing to spend time outside of GSMP evangelizing the standards to various industry groups and works with others in the industry to help them through questions and implementation challenges. 

Most recently, this winner was very involved in the Global Model Number (formerly Basic UDI-DI) work group, participating in a full day and half of remote work group meetings to help bring this standard to life. 


Naoko Mori

Noako winner is advocate for the standards in both their home country and across the globe. She is a quite the achiever, going about work with diligence and dedication. She works a lot with the solution providers at the ISO level providing synergy between the standards and technical components of the standards. Naoko works heavily with their membership and industry to bring out adoption and change. She is an advocate for the alignment of standards globally.  Naoko is a power user within the Identification Standards Maintenance Group, providing expertise, work requests and perspective from the community, especially within the Healthcare industry. 

Naoko Mori


Award Criteria

A GS1 community member who:

  • has made a significant impact in the development and/or adoption of GS1 standards
  • has promoted the benefits of GS1 standards 
  • is a generous source of industry knowledge and leadership to GS1
  • has participated in multiple GS1 groups

The nomination period has closed for 2017. Please join us in congratulating the winners!

(GS1 staff from Global Office are not eligible.)