This exceptional five-day event combines plenary sessions, inspirational presentations by industry leaders, topic-focused workshops, sharing sessions, and endless networking opportunities. You’ll walk away with the tools you need to help transform business through the power of standards! See the 1-page week at a glance or all the details below.


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Welcome Coffee, Foyer, Level 0

    08:45 – 11:45

    Board Committee for Standards Meeting (BCS members only), Panoramic Hall, Level 5


      Parallel Workshops

      • Apparel and General Merchandise: How to Get Started with Industry Engagement (MO only), Hall 300, Level 3

        GS1 Standards help the Apparel & General Merchandise industries solve business challenges across the entire supply chain and around the world. In this workshop participants will learn the basic principles of the Apparel & GM sectors and understand how GS1 standards can be leveraged for success. You will learn “how to get started” and first steps to take for engagement. MOs that have newly started their Apparel & GM activities will present their experience about how they turned their activities into a success.

        Join us in for a balanced combination of presentation and small-group discussions.

        Session Leader: Markus Mueller, GS1

        Target Audience: MOs interested in Apparel and General Merchandise (Beginners)

        Industry: Apparel, General Merchandise

      • GS1 MO IT managers meeting, 314 + 316, Level 3

        This session is intended for MO IT managers to share and discuss key IT topics and the respective stragegies related to; Cloud services, in particular Office 365 and opportunities for GS1. Communications; Conference options (video & Voice). Email & chat. Global licensing for SW. Out of scope: Gepir, GDSN and GS1 Global Webservices)

        Target Audience: IT managers from MO

        Industry: All

        Session Leader: Nicholas Fergusson, GS1

      • Newcomers Session, 313 + 315, Level 3

        Everyone was a newcomer once! We have all had that same overwhelmed feeling when looking around the GS1 Forum for the first time, trying to understand all of the pieces and parts that make up the GS1 community. The goal of this session is to provide you a brief introduction to GS1, the GS1 Forum, share tips and tricks by experienced GS1ers and finally meet and assist you during week to maximise your GS1 Forum experience. The Newcomers’ session is a great opportunity to start building and expanding your GS1 network!

        Target Audience: MO Staff , New to GS1 Forum 

        Industry: All

        Session Leader: Patrick Maetens, ilteris Oney, GS1

      • Retail - Online Product Listing Automation - GS1 MemberCheck (MO only), The Arc, Level 3

        GS1 is helping online retailers and marketplaces across the world trust the GTIN as the authoritative primary key for any product. Services such as GS1 MemberCheck are helping GS1 to develop new relationships with marketplace platforms and the digital supply chain worldwide. Find out more in this workshop.

        Come prepared to be part of an exciting session that will include small-group discussions and peer-to-peer sharing.

        Target Audience: MOs that are interested in engaging with retailers and in helping industry to improve their product listing processes, with a special emphasis on online retailer and marketplace engagement. (all levels)

        Industry: Retail - all sectors

        Session Leader: David Smith, GS1

      • Transport & Logistics: Learn about a Dynamic and Fast Growing Sector, 311 + 312, Level 3

        Join this session to learn about the GS1 strategy for Transport & Logistics as well as how GS1’s activities in Transport & Logistics is helping industry to provide accurate, up-to-date information about where shipments are, where they have come from, and when and where they are due to arrive. This interactive session will discuss the business value of GS1 standards in key T&L processes and transport modes like Rail, Maritime and Ports as well as developments in Last Mile and Air. You will leave with actionable insights into how to engage in specific areas with new stakeholders in your country.

        Target Audience: MO that wish to identify how T&L may help them serve their current clients (in any sector) and gain clients from many areas in the economy that are "new" to GS1.

        Industry: All

        Session Leader: Jaco Voorspuij, GS1

      Coffee Break

      Coffee Break, Foyer, Level 0


        Parallel Workshops

        • Deploying Standards in Local Languages, 313 + 315, Level 3

          Translation of GS1 standards and deployment material is key to user adoption in many markets. This workshop will focus on:

          • Lessons learned from GS1 Member Organisation translations
          • User benefits from accessing standards in their own language
          • Focus areas for GS1 Global Office to deliver material (standards, trainings, etc.) in a consistent and easily translatable form

          Participants should leave the session knowing the tools, processes and contacts to successfully deploy and maintain translated material in their local markets and contribute to improvement areas.

          Target Audience: All MOs involved in deploying and translating standards. (All levels)

          Industry: All

          Session Leaders: David Buckley, GS1; Claire Dalier, GS1

        • Humanitarian Initiative: Supporting more Efficient Supply Chains for Pandemic Response, Hall 300, Level 3

          Are you interested in in contributing your views regarding how GS1 standards can make a difference to humanitarian supply chains?  This session will provide an overview of the humanitarian sector and progress of the Humanitarian Initiative prior to focusing on a multi-stakeholder effort to improve preparedness and response to pandemics.  Come prepared to participate and bring your perspective to the challenges facing this effort.

          Target Audience: MOs interested in engaging with humanitarian organisations (all levels)

          Industry: Humanitarian, Healthcare

          Session Leader: Yvette Madrid, GS1


        • Industry Engagement Executive Session, 314 + 316, Level 3

          The Global Office Industry Engagement team will provide an executive level view of key priorities across core global sectors.

          Target Audience: GS1 MO CEOs and staff wishing to receive an executive overview of our key priorities across core global sectors.

          Industry: All

          Session Leader: Audrey Kremer, GS1


        • Innovation and the Future, 311 + 312, Level 3

          What does the future of GS1’s relevance look like in an increasingly-connected world? What are you hearing across your communities, and how is this similar or different from what others are hearing around the world? Bring your thoughts and ideas to participate in a facilitated session that will have us looking into the future to start to understand how GS1 might play a role.

          Target Audience: All MOs and end users involved in innovation activities.

          Industries: All

          Session Leader: Kevin Stark, GS1


        • Retail – Data Visibility Online - GS1 SmartSearch, The Arc, Level 3

          GS1 SmartSearch is making a significant difference to the visibility of products on the web. Join us to hear from Industry Leaders and MOs who are working with Industry to use this exciting new GS1 web standard.

          This session will be interactive and will encourage all participants to be involved in the discussion and small breakout groups.

          Target Audience: MOs that are interested in engaging with retailers and in helping industry to improve visibility of the data that they share on the web. (All levels)

          Industry: Retail - All Sectors, Foodservice

          Session Leader: David Smith, GS1

        12.30 - 14:00

        Lunch, Hall 1, Level -2

          Plenary Sessions

            14:00 - 15.00

            Opening Plenary, Gold Hall, Level 0

            Join us for a warm welcome and to kick off the week with remarks from:

            • Tim Smucker, The J.M. Smucker Co., GS1 Chairman Emeritus
            • Miguel Lopera, GS1, President & CEO
            • and more

            Target Audience: everyone

              15.00 - 16.00

              Healthcare Plenary: Safer, more efficient care starts with a simple scan, Gold Hall, Level 0

              GS1 standards play an important role throughout healthcare, from product manufacturer, to end use at the point of patient care. Hear industry leaders share their insights about the value of a simple scan.

              • Salvatore D'Acunto, European Commission
              • Kathryn E. Wengel, J&J
              • Keith Jones, Royal Derby Hospital, UK

              Target Audience: everyone


                Networking Break, Foyer, Level 0

                  16:45 - 18.00

                  Stretching GS1 Boundaries Plenary, Gold Hall, Level 0

                  Our role as a neutral, independent partner helps industries to work together and unlock the potential for savings and efficiencies. GS1 is sought out as a valued partner within multiple sectors and we are embracing several opportunities to stretch the boundaries of GS1. This plenary features stories on how we are diversifying GS1’s portfolio in core and emerging sectors to help:

                  • establish the effective management of parts, components and assemblies over their entire life cycle in Rail
                  • manage a network of partners to provide trusted services and open, reliable data for unique legal entity identification worldwide
                  • address the challenges facing humanitarian response and improve collaboration, co-ordination, and effectiveness in supply operations

                  Topics and guest speakers:

                  • Transport & Logistics: Dominik Halbeisen, SBB (Swiss federal railway)
                  • Technical industries: Jean-Marc Klopfenstein, Nestle
                  • Financial Services: Stephan Wolf, GLEIF
                  • Humanitarian Initiative: Stephen Cahill, World Food Programme (WFP)

                  Target Audience: everyone


                    BCS & Data Excellence Board Dinner (members only)


                      Welcome Coffee, Foyer, Level 0


                        Parallel Workshops

                        • Global Product Classification Beyond GDSN, 311 + 312, Level 3

                          The GS1 Global Product Classification (GPC) is a system that gives buyers and sellers a common language for grouping products in the same way, everywhere in the world. Classification is a form of cataloguing, or identifying, things and is defined as a process of grouping things into categories based on an understanding of the essential properties and relationships between things. GPC is used in GS1’s Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) to ensure effective data harmonisation, however, it is also has many uses outside of GDSN. In this workshop, we will explore the different uses of GPC. Brigitte Acoca from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) will present how GPC is used in their Global Recalls Portal. Johan den Engelse of Frug I Com will present how GPC is expanding to support the GS1 Sustainability effort.

                          Target Audience: Anyone interested in product classification or data synchronisation (all levels)

                          Industry: All

                          Session Leader: Mike Mowad, GS1


                        • Healthcare: Unique Device Identification (UDI) of Medical Devices, 314 + 316, Level 3

                          This workshop will cover all aspects of the UDI system - AIDC, Master Data/GDSN/Data Quality, and Public Policy - to:

                          (1) assist MOs in expanding their ability to support existing and new members in the use of GS1 standards to implement the UDI requirements.

                          (2) ensure that all impacted MOs are receiving the support needed on how to work best locally with regulatory bodies on the importance of following the global framework for UDI.

                          The U.S. and Europe have regulations for an identification and registration system of medical devices: UDI system. Many other countries (e.g. Argentina, Canada, China, Korea, Saudi Arabia) have started to work on a similar system. As many medical device companies are GS1 members, this affects many GS1 MOs.

                          External speakers from the European Commission will join the GS1 experts to share their experiences and answer questions on implementation to UDI systems.

                          Target Audience: All interested MO on the use of GS1 standards for medical devices across the world (all levels)

                          Industry: Healthcare - Medical Devices

                          Session Leader: Géraldine Lissalde-Bonnet, GS1


                        • Marketing (MO only), The Arc, Level 3

                          Join us to explore the ways that marketing is getting simpler, clearer and more focused on our customers. We'll cover:

                          1. Marketing Guide Rollout: find out how the 5C's, value propositions, creative concepts and other tools are being used
                          2. Marketing Success Stories: learn about exciting new marketing projects from a variety of MOs across the globe

                          As always, get ready for a dynamic and interactive session where you'll take away plenty of inspirational ideas to improve your marketing.

                          Target Audience: Marketing staff, but all MO staff are welcomed.

                          Industry: All

                          Session Leader: Joe Horwood, GS1

                        • MO Clusters Programme (MO only), 313 + 315, Level 3

                          The MO Cluster Programme workshop is designed with two major objectives in mind: Firstly, to provide MOs with an overview of the Cluster Programme and secondly, to give MOs an opportunity to experience the development of an MO Cluster initiative To do this, a breakout session is planned—information exchange sessions in small groups that will provide an opportunity for MOs to extend their network of relationships and discuss SME engagement experience and opportunities that could be very valuable for them and their businesses.

                          Target Audience: MO staff (all levels)

                          Industry: All

                          Session Leader: Audrey Kremer, GS1


                        • Traceability - All Sectors, Hall 100, Level -1

                          We’ve been working to completely refresh our traceability offering. The new offering will be significantly more approachable and user-friendly, and it is expected to enable far more interoperable traceability solutions across enterprises and geographies (including solutions that use both EDI and EPCIS). This is an important topic across industry sectors, and we're hopeful that people from all sectors will choose to attend. In the session, we'll discuss work done to date on the topic of GTS2 (Global Traceability Standard) and our work on the topic of Discovery. We'll talk about the next steps, how to get involved, and deployment opportunities.

                          Come to this session expecting to actively participate in interactive discussions.

                          Target Audience: All those interested in the future of standards-based traceability offerings. (all levels)

                          Industry: All sectors

                          Session Leaders: Diane Taillard, GS1; Robert Beideman, GS1


                        Data Excellence Board with working lunch, Panoramic Hall, Level 5

                          10.30 - 11.00

                          Coffee Break, Foyer, Level 0

                            11.00 - 12.30

                            Parallel Workshops

                            • Auto-ID Labs - From Research to Action, 313 + 315, Level 3

                              Raising awareness of the work going on in the Auto-ID Labs, to include update on key research and trends, and translate how and why MOs could/should use this information locally. Workshop will include a breakout session to get a MO perspective on what’s possible, understand what MOs would find useful and how to engage with the Labs. MOs having an active innovation / research / university program have the opportunity to engage directly with the Labs, share knowledge about local initiatives and amplify research.

                              Target Audience: MOs (all levels)

                              Industry: All

                              Session Leader: Dipan Anarkat, GS1


                            • Getting Access to Government with Policy Expertise and Informed Messages, 314 + 316, Level 3

                              Do you have good programmes that government should know about, but they don’t seem interested? Do you feel like you have tried every approach but nothing has worked so far? The GS1 traceability initiative is being transformed and MO policy expertise needs to continuously evolve to be ready for new opportunities. This interactive session will focus on learning from your peers and working together to develop informed messages and effective techniques to get the right access to government and other policy makers. Everyone is welcome, please come prepared to participate.

                              Target Audience: Everyone

                              Industry: All sectors that want to engage with government or other policy makers.

                              Session Leader: Elizabeth Board, GS1


                            • Healthcare – Project Imagine – GS1 Healthcare Empowering Healthcare Providers, Hall 100, Level -1

                              This session will focus on helping GS1 MO’s to understand how healthcare providers (both hospital and retail pharmacies) operate and on enabling MO’s to increase engagement of healthcare providers to use GS1 standards. 

                              The agenda will address:

                              • What do the MOs need to know to talk to healthcare providers: Case studies of success
                              • Practical examples from MOs, including challenges faced
                              • GS1’s tools to help MOs to use to engage healthcare providers
                              • In brief: project Imagine, its objectives, deliverables and timelines

                              Target Audience: all interested MOs in engaging with hospitals (all levels)

                              Industry: Healthcare

                              Session Leader: Els van der Wilden, GS1

                            • Facing today’s digital revolution – how GS1 Standards enable Technical Industries, The Arc, Level 3

                              This workshop will, after a very brief into to Technical industries’s basics, provide an insight into industry’s current challenges and future efficiency improvement opportunities. It will demonstrate the increasing role of GS1 and its standards. All will be illustrated with sector-specific use cases and GS1 case studies. Discover what makes this initiative so attracive for the industry and the GS1 organisation alike and explore why CPG companies have started to engage in Technical Industries. And, to conclude, learn how GS1 standards fit into Smart Manufacturing initiatives worldwide. Note: this is an advanced session with a very brief intro to the basics.

                              Target Audience: Subject-matter experts (industry, academia and GS1 in the following sectors: Defence, Energy, (mechanical) Engineering, Mass Transit (Aerospace, Automotive, Maritime and Railways), Construction, Mining and Industry 4.0.

                              Industry: Technical Industries, Transport & Logistics (including Customs); Manufacturing (CPG and others)

                            • Customer Service Network, Hall 300, Level 3

                              Customer Service staff meets to discuss common issues and identify possible common solutions.

                              Target Audience: MO staff involved or interested in Customer Service and/or Membership

                              Industry: All

                              Session Leaders: Patrick Maetens and Silvia Venturini, GS1

                            12.30 - 14:00


                            Advancing Female Leadership - Everyone come join the conversation!, Silver Hall, Level 0

                            • Gender bias, diversity and inclusive leadership are all hot topics. Hear inspirational stories from admired and respected GS1 female leaders on our discussion panel moderated by Kelly Asghar, GS1 Canada. Panellists include Eileen MacDonald, GS1 Canada; Maria Palazzolo, GS1 Australia and Birgitta de Gruijter, GS1 Netherlands. An expert on the topic of diversity, Catalyst consulting, will present compelling global research on the business case for inclusive leadership. Come to engage in the conversation, both males and females will benefit. Expect to be inspired!

                            Target Audience: Everyone

                            Industry: All

                            Session Leaders: Eileen MacDonald, GS1 Canada; Marianne Timmons, GS1

                            Networking Lunch, Hall 1, Level -2

                              14:00 - 15.30

                              Retail Plenary Session, Gold Hall, Level 0

                              Delivering at the “speed of trust”: A step-change for global commerce

                              Companies need to exceed consumer expectations and build brand loyalty at every turn, while increasing speed, ensuring product safety and improving relationships with global trading partners. The response has been to deliver more and more information—but more is not always better. Instead of speed-to-market strategies, industry needs to embrace a culture of trust. Consumers are inspired to trust brands that deliver rich, high quality product data and make the information easy to find. Hear how global retail leaders are giving consumers what they want while also reducing costs, creating experiences—and ultimately selling more stuff—with the help of GS1 standards for product identification, data sharing and event tracking.

                              • Barron Witherspoon, Procter & Gamble (session chairperson)
                              • LI Yan (Kennan), Cainiao Smart Logistics – part of Alibaba Group
                              • Peter Begg, Mondelēz International
                              • Ram Papatla, Flipkart
                              15:30 - 18.45

                              Market Place Exhibition, Hall 2, Level -2

                                18.45 - 19.45

                                Welcome Cocktail in the Market place, Hall 2, Level -2


                                  Executive Committee Board Dinner (Board only)


                                    Welcome Coffee, Foyer, Level 0

                                      08.30 - 12.30

                                      Regional Forums (MO only)

                                      • Asia Pacific, 314 + 316, Level 3
                                      • Europe: Guest speakers: Pinuccia Contino & Hein Bollens from the European Commission, Gold Hall, Level 0
                                      • Latin America, Hall 300, Level 3
                                      • MEMA, 312, Level 3
                                      • North America, 311, Level 3

                                      Attendees: GS1 MO delegates or by invitation only

                                        10.30 - 11.00

                                        GS1 Discovery App sponsored Coffee Break, Foyer, Level 0


                                          Executive Board Committee w/lunch (Board only), Panoramic Hall, Level 5

                                            12.30 - 14:00

                                            Lunch, Hall 1, Level -2

                                              14.00 - 15.25

                                              Parallel Workshops

                                              • EPC/RFID & EPCIS, power-up your business processes (featuring Apparel & Shoes case studies), 314 + 316, Level 3

                                                • Get updates on what’s new and upcoming with EPC/RFID and EPCIS.
                                                • Explore the major business process drivers that exist in industry and that are driving the need for GS1-based solutions.
                                                • Discuss the megatrends across sectors that are driving EPC/RFID solutions, with a specific focus on Apparel & Shoes case studies
                                                • Hear MO leaders present their latest success stories and status of EPC/RFID adoption.
                                                • Understand how to get started with EPC/RFID and EPCIS, and how to drive adoption within industry.

                                                Target Audience: MOs and all users (advanced)

                                                Industry: All sectors (with a breakout session on Apparel)

                                                Session Leaders: Markus Mueller, GS1; Dipan Anarkat, GS1

                                              • Fresh Foods - Creating Value for the Sector Today and Tomorrow, 311 + 312, Level 3

                                                User companies are changing and GS1 has to remain aligned to their changing needs. Local, regional and global economic conditions are placing enormous pressure on profitability on all sides of the trading relationship. At the same time, the Fresh Foods sector is growing, driven by product demand from increasing numbers of health-conscious consumers and improved access to safe, fresh products through global trade.

                                                This session features approaches and successes of MOs who are driving adoption of GS1 Standards to solve business challenges.

                                                Join us and be part of a session that includes peer-to-peer discussion and small-group work.

                                                Target Audience: MOs active in the Fresh Foods Sector, MO interested in deeper adoption of GS1 Standards with Fresh Foods growers, suppliers, packers/ processors, distributors and retailers (all levels)

                                                Industry: Fresh Foods - Retail and Foodservice

                                                Session Leader: Elena Tomanovich, GS1


                                              • GS1 Data Services Update, The Arc, Level 3

                                                GS1 offers a number of services for MOs and data pools that are critical to providing core services to customers that are based on GS1 standards.  GEPIR, GDSN, GLN Registry are just three of the services all MO's should be aware of. This session wil introduce you to what each service does, the roadmap of upcoming features and the key uses cases. This session will also introduce the GS1 Cloud as several services will be built using this centralised data storage going forward.

                                                Target Audience: Anyone that is not familiar with the GS1 Core Services or curious about what features and capabilities are available today and forthcoming.

                                                Industry: All

                                                Session Leader: Mike Wehrs, GS1


                                              • GS1 Standards Development Certification Programme Part 1 of 2, 313 + 315, Level 3

                                                For the first 20 minutes you will be introduced to the new GSMP Professional Certification Programme! This new certification programme will take you through a three tier programme from GSMP Professional designation to GSMP Ambassador. This programme will certify you to professionally facilitate; attain GS1 system certificate; build compelling business cases and quality work requests; better manage intellectual property; more effectively participate in the GSMP process and better serve your industries!

                                                For the remainder of the session, we will begin part 1 with Presentation and Cultural Diversity training. Part II will be held on Friday to complete your facilitation skills for a working group.

                                                You may register for one or both of these sessions, however, please keep in mind that if you are interested in receiving your programme certificate, you must register and attend both.

                                                Target Audience: Standards professionals from MOs

                                                Industry: All

                                                Session Leader: Mark Holmes and Patrick Maetens, GS1


                                              • Omni-channel: Identifying the Last Mile Challenges & Opportunities, Hall 100, Level -1

                                                This dynamic session will start with an overview of the extensive Discovery work undertaken recently regarding Last Mile challenges and opportunities. Through small focus groups we will uncover the various business challenges members face in meeting consumer expectations and how GS1 can help them meet those challenges. We will be mixing attendees from countries with more experience with the less experienced to establish a free flow of information among MOs.

                                                This session will feature short interactive sessions that are designed to capture your thoughts and those of the group.

                                                Target Audience: MOs that wish to identify how GS1 standards may help current and future User companies to deal with the considerable challenges they face in meeting consumer expectations. (All levels)

                                                Industry: All sectors

                                                Session Leaders: David Smith, GS1; Jaco Voorspuij, GS1

                                              15.30 - 16.00

                                              GS1 Discovery App sponsored Coffee Break, Foyer, Level 0

                                                16:00 - 17:30

                                                Parallel Workshops

                                                • Back 2 the Core: AIDC for All (MO only), 313 + 315, Level 3

                                                  There are many challenges facing GS1’s core business: AIDC. They include how can we:

                                                  • manage our GTIN capacity
                                                  • learn from what is happening in the field to predict the future
                                                  • ensure barcode quality
                                                  • answer industry’s questions on barcode standards

                                                  This session will provide learnings from real world MO experiences and kick-off a new initiative to build a community for AIDC experts to ask questions, share and raise their knowledge.

                                                  Target Audience: AIDC Technical Experts and those who aspire to be (all levels)

                                                  Industry: All

                                                  Session Leader: Andrew Hearn, GS1

                                                • Data Quality Update - Master Data Services & Brand Owner Certification, The Arc, Level 3

                                                  This new Programme is designed to improve data quality at the source by establishing a foundational and standardised set of certification requirements for the self-certification of MOs on Master Data Services for MOs to certify Brand Owners on best practices. The benefits include the following:

                                                  • Greater data quality and data accuracy
                                                  • Standardised item master data
                                                  • Reduced administration
                                                  • More reliable, accessible, and reusable data
                                                  • Better trading relationships and collaboration
                                                  • Reduced costs through a single source of master data publishable to many
                                                  • Improved stock controls
                                                  • Provides master data for accurate EDI transactions

                                                  Target Audience: MOs, Brand Owners, retailers (all levels)

                                                  Industry: All

                                                  Session Leader: Pete Alvarez, GS1

                                                • Food Safety, 311 + 312, Level 3

                                                  Food safety is an important topic for industry across product categories. GS1 Standards can help to address specific needs and business processes related to food safety including traceability, product authentication, expiry date management and compliance. This session will provide MOs with information and resources to begin or advance their engagement with food safety stakeholders (such as quality and safety managers of manufacturers, retailers & foodservice operators, certification bodies and safety authorities). Interactive discussions in small groups will be the opportunity to share successful experiences, explore best practices for MOs and get inputs to optimise GS1 support to the food industry.

                                                  Target Audience: MOs interested in deepening the use of GS1 standards in the food chain, offering more services or getting new members. (all levels)

                                                  Industry: Consumer packaged goods (CPG)/processed foods, Fresh Foods, Retail and Foodservice, including Upstream.

                                                  Session Leader: Diane Taillard, GS1


                                                • GS1 and the Internet of Things: Share Information on IoT Initiatives, Identify Possible Goals Projects, Hall 100, Level -1

                                                  The Internet of Things (IoT) is the concept of many objects, smart devices, machines, consumers, patients and services being increasingly connected to solve problems in new and more effective ways. The objective of this session is to share a common understanding of the Internet of Things and discover the opportunities offered within this fast growing area. The session will start with short presentations. Participants will then be invited to suggest projects and initiatives that GS1 could take to become a globally recognised enabler of IoT applications bringing benefits to our members across all sectors.

                                                  Target Audience: Innovation and Communication MO staff (all levels)

                                                  Industry: All

                                                  Session Leader: Henri Barthel, GS1


                                                • Healthcare: Pharmaceutical Traceability, 314 + 316, Level 3

                                                  This workshop will overview the latest important developments relating to use of GS1 standards for implementation of pharmaceutical traceability regulations across the world.

                                                  The latest status on the EU Falsified Medicines Directive will be discussed as well as other important regulations around drug traceability which impact most of manufacturers and of which MOs must be aware to be able to assist their members.

                                                  External speakers will join the GS1 experts to share their experiences and answer questions on implementation of pharmaceutical traceability requirements.

                                                  Target Audience: All interested MO on pharmaceuticals related regulatory requirements across the world (all levels)

                                                  Industry: Healthcare - Pharmaceuticals

                                                  Session Leader: Ulrike Kreysa, Vice President Healthcare, GS1 & Grant Courtney, Manager Falsified Medicines Directive Project, GSK


                                                GS1 Presidents & CEOs (restricted), Gold Hall, Level 0


                                                  Networking Dinner

                                                  Join us for an action-packed evening of networking in a fun environment. Come to celebrate, enjoy delicious cuisine and make new friendships. We hope to see YOU on the dance floor!

                                                  Attendees: Everyone

                                                  Venue: Tour & Taxis, 3, rue Picard, B-1000, Brussels

                                                  • How to get there

                                                    19:30 Transport to dinner

                                                    For transportation to the Networking Dinner location, meet at 19:15 in front of the Hilton Brussels Grand Place, Carrefour de L'Europe 3, 1000, Brussels, Belgium. Don’t for get to wear your badge! It is required for entry to the dinner venue.

                                                    Event venue: Tour & Taxis, 3, rue Picard, B-1000, Brussels. Dress code is casual.

                                                    19:45 Start of evening activities

                                                    Return transport schedule:

                                                    First bus leaves at 23.00

                                                    Last bus leaves at 02.00


                                                  Welcome Coffee, Foyer, Level 0

                                                    08.45 - 09:55

                                                    Parallel Workshops

                                                    • CPG - Global Priorities & Business Needs for GS1 Standards (MO only), Hall 100, Level -1

                                                      The CPG industry and member companies are changing. Business models are changing, product offerings are evolving at a more rapid pace, costs are being closely monitored and trading partner collaboration is a business imperative. GS1 Standards are needed more than ever. This means rigorous industry engagement activity for MOs. In this session MOs will provide input into our global CPG sector focus and learn about local activities, ideas for new adoption and “deeper” adoption of GS1 Standards.

                                                      Join us and be part of an exciting session that will include focus on peer-to-peer sharing and open discussions with small teams.

                                                      Target Audience: MOs interested in deeper adoption of GS1 Standards with CPG Brand Owners and Retailers

                                                      Industry: Retail- Consumer Packaged Goods

                                                      Session Leader: Elena Tomanovich, GS1


                                                    • GS1 EDI Release Update & Upcoming strategy, 314 + 316, Level 3

                                                      The GS1 EDI Strategy provides a broad view of the GS1 EDI standards and future directions in business message exchange. We are now updating this document with the changes and experience collected over the last six years, aiming at a publication in May 2017. This session will provide a non-technical walk through of the strategy and allow for your input and feedback.

                                                      We also provide a short overview of the upcoming new version of GS1 XML as well as an update on the work of the GS1 EANCOM that may see some significant updates and improvements in a future release.

                                                      Target Audience: MOs and users interested in the future of GS1 EDI. (All levels although it is helpful to have prior EDI knowledge.)

                                                      Industry: All

                                                      Session Leader: Anders Grangard, GS1


                                                    • The Sustainability Network Initiative and the Role of the Global Farm Registry, 311 + 312, Level 3

                                                      Food Security along with climate change are two of the biggest challenges facing society. For this reason, agriculture and food production are included in the globally approved Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), SDG 2 covers Food Security and SDG 12 is about Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP). The International Trade Centre (ITC) has developed the Sustainability Network which enables farmers and agribusinesses to record details of compliance with good and sustainable agricultural practices. A major requirement for transparency of the food value chain is a universal ID and this is where GS1’s Global Farm registry has the answer.

                                                      Target Audience: those interested in sustainability and/or supply chain transparency

                                                      Industry: Food and Beverage

                                                      Session Leader: Jim Bracken, GS1


                                                    • Working with Alibaba (MO only), 313 + 315, Level 3

                                                      Join this MO-sharing session to be part of a peer-to-peer discussions on the topic of Alibaba. We’ll introduce GS1’s active work with Alibaba, share success stories from the MO Community and brainstorm ways to strengthen the work that’s underway. MOs will have the opportunity to participate in small information exchange groups that will provide an opportunity for them to extend their network of relationships and discuss engagement experience and opportunities that could be valuable for them.

                                                      Target Audience: MO staff that are currently engaged with Alibaba or that are interested in GS1’s active work with Alibaba.

                                                      Industry: Retail - all sectors

                                                      Session Leader: Chris Liu, GS1 and Robert Beideman, GS1

                                                    10.00 - 10.30

                                                    Coffee Break, Foyer, Level 0

                                                      10.30 - 12.00

                                                      Parallel Workshops

                                                      • Foodservice - Solving Business Challenges with Global Standards (MO only), 311 + 312, Level 3

                                                        GS1 Standards help the Foodservice industry solve business challenges across the entire supply chain. In this workshop, participants will learn some of the basic principles of the Foodservice sector and understand in what ways GS1 standards can be leveraged for success. It will showcase “how to get started” with a new sector, focusing on industry engagement and MO planning activities. We will discuss what the first steps could look like for MOs looking to expand into this sector. MOs will present their experience and learnings of how they turned their activities into a success.

                                                        Target Audience: MOs interested in Foodservice, MOs active in the Foodservice sector (all levels)

                                                        Industry: Foodservice

                                                        Session Leader: Paul Bounaud, GS1 France; Elena Tomanovich, GS1


                                                      • GS1 Data Services Cloud, Hall 100, Access by GS1 Registration Desk, Level -1

                                                        At last years General Assembly, all MOs voted to have Global Office explore transforming the current GS1 data services architecture to be based on and leverage cloud technology specifically moving to a centralised, single (logical) location for storage of consumer facing product data, inherent data quality capability and access control. This session will introduce the GS1 Cloud and the initial services that will make use of it.

                                                        Target Audience: All MOs that use any GS1 Services today or intend to use any going forward.

                                                        Industry: All

                                                        Session Leader: Mike Wehrs, GS1


                                                      • GS1 UniqueID - Consumer Product Variant Data Sharing, The Arc, Level 3

                                                        Join us to contribute to the next phase of our GS1 UniqueID work, where we are progressing the work to address the needs of an industry-supported business case for sharing of Consumer Product Variant information. The objective of this work effort is to align with industry on the best, most pragmatic near-term solution to the challenge of sharing data about product variations and to strengthen the GS1 system to support the identified business needs.

                                                        In this session, you'll learn about the progress that has been made, and the plans for our next phase(s) of work. All that have been involved in any phase of our UniqueID work are strongly encouraged to attend. And, of course, all newcomers are welcome!

                                                        Target Audience: Everyone that is interested in unique identification and Data Sharing between trading partners and with consumers about small product variations. (Intermediate/Advanced)

                                                        Industry: Retail - All Sectors

                                                        Session Leader: Gena Morgan, GS1


                                                      • The Standards Journey Continues, 313 + 315, Level 3

                                                        After a very successful session at our last Global Forum in 2016, we are holding again the Standards Journey session.  Join us, as we take you through the standards process and together we participate in an interactive fun session to learn how we can improve the standards process and move at the speed of business based on your input! 

                                                        Target Audience: Everyone

                                                        Industry: All

                                                        Session Leader: Mark Holmes, GS1


                                                      • Training Network (MO only), 314 + 316, Level 3

                                                        Attend our workshop to discover new global training initiatives, participate in a discussion on training related issues and learn from other Member Organisations’ best practices. It is also a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues from other Member Organisations working in the area of training.

                                                        Target Audience: MO staff involved or interested in training

                                                        Industry: All

                                                        Session Leader: Patrick Maetens, GS1

                                                      12.00 - 14.00

                                                      Networking Lunch at the Market Place Exhibition, Hall 2, Level -2

                                                        14.00 - 16.30

                                                        Closing Plenary & Inspirational Speaker, Gold Hall, Level 0

                                                        GS1 is evolving into the digital world and we will explore the possibilities with our inspirational speaker, Marco Tempest, a cyber illusionist who combines digital technology and imagination to inspire and astonish you. This Swiss illusionist is a Director’s Fellow at MIT Media Lab and is world-renowned having performed at numerous TED talks and high profile conferences such as World Economic Forum, Innovators@Google, WIRED, Cannes Lions and many more.

                                                        Hear reports from all regions and GS1 key priorities for the year ahead.

                                                        Target Audience: everyone

                                                          15.00 - 15.20

                                                          Coffee Break, Foyer, Level 0


                                                            Welcome Coffee, Foyer, Level 0

                                                              09:00 - 13:00

                                                              GS1 Standards Development Certification Programme Part 2 of 2 – Effective Meeting Facilitation, Hall 100, Level -1

                                                              Please join this 1/2 day session after completing the Part I presentation skills training session, earlier this week. In this session, we will have an interactive working group to teach you best practices in “meeting facilitation” training. Once you have completed the trainings from both sessions, you will be certified in the facilitation competency and on your way to level 2 for GSMP Master certification!

                                                              Target Audience: Standards professionals from MOs

                                                              Industry: All

                                                              Session Leader:Patrick Maetens and Ilteris Olney, GS1


                                                                Coffee Break, Arc Foyer, Level 3


                                                                  Lunch, Panoramic Hall, Level 5


                                                                    Coffee Break, Arc Foyer, Level 3

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