GS1 Standards Awards

Congratulations to our 2017 winners!

Our 2017 award recipients showed tireless commitment, passion and leadership and have enabled businesses around the globe to benefit from GS1 standards:


Greg Buckley

This person has been a strong supporter of Standards and an active member of the GSMP community. This person works to engage others in industry in the GSMP process and challenges industry and GS1 to look at all aspects of a proposed standard or solution before making a final decision. This person was heavily involved in the UniqueID project, traveling to face to face meetings during both the Industry Engagement phase and the Standards development phase of the project. His passion and dedication to the process was recognized and his contributions to the development of this Standard must be commended.

Greg BuckleyThis winner is a great supporter of GS1 demonstrated by leadership, passion, and tireless efforts in the standards process. Join me in thanking Greg Buckley, PepsiCo for his outstanding contributions spanning over a decade. Greg could not be here with us this week, so accepting this award on his behalf is Gina Tomassi, PepsiCo.

Greg Buckley

Sue Schmid

Since 2007, this community member has been a constant and enthusiastic contributor to GS1 and the Standards Development process. This person is a GS1 Architecture Group member and actively involved in many other work groups within GSMP. Despite time zone differences, this person is always available to contribute and stay involved.

This winner is gracious and a highly respected within the community. We are grateful for her strong dedication, passion and generous support. This person’s leadership has been and will continue to be essential for GS1 success now and into the future. It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you one of the GS1 Standards Winner, Sue Schmid, GS1 Australia.

Sue Schmid


Award Criteria

A GS1 community member who:

  • has made a significant impact in the development and/or adoption of GS1 standards
  • has promoted the benefits of GS1 standards 
  • is a generous source of industry knowledge and leadership to GS1
  • has participated in multiple GS1 groups

The nomination period has closed for 2017. Please join us in congratulating the winners!

(GS1 staff from Global Office are not eligible.)