GS1 Ken Traub Standards Award

Congratulations to our 2018 winners!

Our 2018 award recipients showed tireless commitment, passion and leadership and have enabled businesses around the globe to benefit from GS1 standards:

Click here to watch the awards ceremony.

Ralph Troeger

Center: Ralph Troeger, GS1 Germany
Pictured with: Miguel Lopera, CEO GS1 Global and Markus Mueller, Director Industry Engagement, GS1 Global

Sylvia Rubio Alegren

Center: Sylvia Rubio Alegren, ICA Sweden
Pictured with: Miguel Lopera, CEO GS1 Global and Robert Beideman, Chief Solutions & Innovation Officer, GS1 Global

Award Criteria

A GS1 community member who:

  • has made a significant impact in the development and/or adoption of GS1 standards
  • has promoted the benefits of GS1 standards 
  • is a generous source of industry knowledge and leadership to GS1
  • has participated in multiple GS1 groups

The nomination period has closed for 2018. Please join us in congratulating the winners!

(GS1 staff from Global Office are not eligible.)

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