This exceptional five-day event combines plenary sessions, inspirational presentations by industry leaders, topic-focused workshops, sharing sessions, and endless networking opportunities. You’ll walk away with the tools you need to help transform business through the power of standards! See the 1-page week at a glance or all the details below.


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07:30 - 09:30

Welcome Coffee - Foyers, Level 0

    08:45 - 11:45

    Board Committee for Standards Meeting (BCS members only), Panoramic Hall, Level 5

      09:00 - 10:25

      Parallel Workshops

      • Auto-ID Labs - foundational and applied research to further GS1’s mission, Room 313 & 315, Level 3

        The Auto-ID Labs network was created to foster foundational research in the early days of RFID technology. Today, these six international Labs not only produce new research in areas like machine learning, sensors, and IoT, but also support collaborative programs to apply GS1 standards in new applications. Come to learn more about their current work and explore ways you can get more involved with MIT, University of Cambridge, ETH Zürich/University of St. Gallen, Fudan University, KAIST, and Keio University.

        Don’t miss an additional opportunity to connect with them at the Innovation Booth during the Marketplace Expo!

        Guest Speakers: Brian Subirana from MIT; Junyu Wang from Fudan; Daeyoung Kim from KAIST; Jin Mitsugi Keio University; Alexander Ilic from ETH Zürich/University of St. Gallen

        Target Audience: All levels. MOs who would like to learn more about the Auto-ID Labs research and ways to collaborate with them.

        Industry: All

        Session Leader: Kevin Stark, GS1

      • Big Picture Track, Session 1: GS1 Cloud Deployment - Building our future together (MO Only), Silver hall, Level 0

        GS1 Cloud is becoming the largest source of trusted product information in the world, making it possible for businesses to meet the expectations of today's digital world.

        Join us for an informative workshop about the GS1 Cloud: the first GS1 Global Service offering within the overall GS1 Big Picture strategy. We provide a status update on our Phase one activities including the feature availability roadmap, status of the data gathered thus far, capabilities enabled and directionally discuss what’s next for phase 1 activities and beyond. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of the tools and resources available to support their local go-to-market activities for the GS1 Cloud—and related core services.

        Target Audience: All levels/p>

        Industry: All

        Target Audience: All levels/p>

        Session Leader: Audrey Kremer, GS1

      • Deploying Smartsearch at scale, Room 311 & 312, Level 3

        With new tools, an expanding vocabulary and a wealth of experience, it's time to roll out SmartSearch at scale. Find out the latest tooling that's now available and see how machine readable structured data complements visual components seen by human users, for example, in Mobile Ready Hero Images.

        Target Audience: Retailers, digital agencies, solution providers. Session content may refer to technical detail but no technical knowledge is assumed.

        Industry: Retail - CPG; Retail- fresh foods; Retail- general merchandise; Foodservice; Retail - apparel

        Session Leader: Phil Archer, GS1

      • Global Product Classification (GPC): implementation success stories, Arc room, Level 3

        The GS1 Global Product Classification (GPC) is a system that gives buyers and sellers a common language for grouping products in the same way, everywhere in the world. Classification is a form of cataloguing, or identifying, things and is defined as a process of grouping things into categories based on an understanding of the essential properties and relationships between things. In this workshop, we will explore various implementations of GPC across several sectors.

        Target Audience: All levels

        Industry: All

        Session Leader: Mike Mowad, GS1

      • Newcomer Session, Hall 100, Level 1

        Everyone was a newcomer once! We have all had that same overwhelmed feeling when looking around the GS1 Forum for the first time, trying to understand all of the pieces and parts that make up the GS1 community. The goal of this session is to provide you a brief introduction to GS1, the GS1 Forum, share tips and tricks by experienced GS1ers and finally meet and assist you during week to maximise your GS1 Forum experience. The Newcomers’ session is a great opportunity to start building and expanding your GS1 network!

        Target Audience: MO Staff, New to GS1 Forum

        Industry: All

        Session Leader: Greg Rowe, Scott Gray, Milena Boghossian, Kelly Lerch of GS1

      • Transport & Logistics: Stretching the boundaries, moving into new territories, Room 314 & 316, Level 3

        “The only way to predict the future is to have power to shape the future.” (Eric Hoffer) Are you interested in shaping the future of how products move? This session provides you with the opportunity to influence the development of a new GS1 strategy for transport and logistics. We will provide you with an overview of how evolving societal, technological, and business models are creating opportunities and risks in the area of transport and logistics (T&L).

        Come prepared to share your expertise, insights, and views on what the GS1 T&L vision should be and how we should decide our priorities.

        Target Audience: All levels

        Industry: All

        Session Leader: Jaco Voorspuij, GS1

      10:30 - 11:00

      Coffee Break, Foyers, Level 0

        11:00 - 12:30

        Parallel Workshops

        • Big Picture track session 2: GS1 Cloud in action (MO only), Silver hall, Level 0

          There's enormous excitement in the community about the potential of the GS1 Cloud, but how does the GS1 Cloud work in action, when companies start to use it?

          Join this session to learn how marketplaces, etailers and app providers are starting to use the GS1 Cloud. Learn from the early adopters what the benefits are and be inspired by real use cases.

          Target Audience: All levels, MO only

          Industry: All

          Guest speakers: Samuel Dean, Pricesearcher; Craig MacCallum, Developing IT

          Session Leaders: Audrey Kremer, GS1

        • Emerging Parcel Standards: Loads of opportunities for GS1, Room 314 & 316, Level 3

          This dynamic session will start with an overview of the latest status on important game-changing Parcel Standards developments creating a wide range of Last Mile opportunities.

          We will engage in discussions with the participants to better understand the opportunities for GS1 MOs and how they may leverage the various tools developed within GS1 GO and/or MOs.

          You will leave with a better understanding of the current state of play as well as the opportunities (near and longer term) that exist and are arising for GS1 to seize.

          You may wish to join the session "Last mile opportunities - Learn from your peers (MO only)" on Wednesday especially in case you intend to engage with your local market on these Emerging Parcel Standards.

          Target Audience: Everyone

          Industry: All

          Session Leader: Jaco Voorspuij, GS1 and Frits van den Bos, GS1 Netherlands


        • GS1 EDI and UN/CEFACT Development, Room 313 & 315, Level 3

          The latest development in GS1 EDI and related activities in UN/CEFACT.

          Target Audience: Everyone, all levels.

          Industry: All industries

          Session Leader: Anders Grangard, GS1


        • Images & Imagery: Mobile Ready Hero Image Guideline and more, Room 311 & 312, Level 3

          The Mobile Ready Hero Images MSWG has been working to create guidelines for imagery on small screens since October 2017. In this session, you'll be able to get an update on progress and see how the work fits in to the broader topic of images in eCommerce.

          Target Audience: Anyone involved with imagery and product presentation. Manufacturers, retailers, solution providers, digital agencies. No prior knowledge required.

          Industry: Foodservice; Retail - apparel; Retail - CPG; Retail- fresh foods; Retail- general merchandise; Healthcare

          Session Leader: Phil Archer, GS1


        • Training Network, Hall 300, Level 3

          Sharing best practices on training with the Training Network.

          Target Audience: MO Staff responsible for Training - Beginners welcome

          Industry: All Industries

          Session Leader: Milena Boghossian, GS1

        12:30 - 13:45

        Networking Lunch, Hall 1, Level -2

          Plenary Sessions

            13:45 - 15:00

            Opening Plenary, Gold Hall, Level 0

            Join us for a warm welcome and to kick off the week with remarks from:

            • Tim Smucker, The J.M. Smucker Co., GS1 Chairman Emeritus
            • Miguel Lopera, GS1, President & CEO
            • Everyone Makes a Difference Awards winners will be presented.

            Target Audience: everyone

              15:00 - 15:20

              Coffee Break, Foyers, Level 0

                15:20 - 16:20

                Retail Plenary – The Value of GS1 Membership, Gold Hall, Level 0

                The value of GS1 membership is getting even better. This evolution reflects the work we’ve done to integrate GS1’s standards, solutions and services so that our members can truly leverage the power of GS1 across their organisations.

                Join us to learn how GS1 is working to serve the retail industry in meaningful ways—now and long into the future. Hear about the steps that we’re taking together to transform the value of identification and data…and how our work is helping industry to reduce costs, to remove friction from business processes and to create valuable consumer experiences. You’ll learn about how we are bringing a scalable global portfolio of standards, solutions and services to market and hear from some of our largest customers about why and how GS1 is so foundational to their businesses.

                Speakers: Renaud de Barbuat, Carrefour; Rob Rekrutiak, Google Shopping, and Chris Resweber, The J.M. Smucker Co.

                Moderator: François Deprey, GS1 France

                  16:20 - 16:40

                  Walk to workshops

                    16:40 - 18:10

                    Parallel Workshops

                    • GS1 Data Services Overview, Room 313 & 315, Level 3

                      The past year has seen a significant number of changes to the type and number of GS1 services for MOs and data pools. This session, as in past years is an INTRODUCTION and overview of what each service is, the roadmap of upcoming features and the key uses cases. These services are critical to providing core and value added services to customers that are based on GS1 standards. This session will give a 10 minute overview on GS1 Cloud, Activate, GDSN, Attribute Explorer, GEPIR and GLN Registry.

                      Target Audience: Anyone that is not familiar with the GS1 Data Services or curious about what features and capabilities are available today and in the near future.

                      Industry: All

                      Session Leader: Mike Wehrs, GS1


                    • Healthcare: Unique Device Identification (UDI) of Medical Devices, 314 + 316, Level 3

                      This workshop will cover all aspects of the UDI systems to:

                      (1) assist MOs in expanding their knowledge base and abilities to support existing and new members in the use of GS1 to implement UDI

                      (2) ensure that all impacted MOs are receiving the support needed on up to date regulatory developments, as well as how to work best locally with regulatory bodies on the importance of following the global framework for UDI

                      The U.S. and Europe have regulations for UDI. Many other countries have started or are continuing to work on a similar system, this affects many GS1 MOs.

                      External speakers will join the GS1 experts to share their experiences and answer questions.

                      Guest speakers: Pierre-François Ryelandt and Salvatore Scalzo from the European Commission

                      Target Audience: All levels

                      Industry: Healthcare

                      Session Leader: Géraldine Lissalde-Bonnet, GS1


                    • Images & extended Attributes, the one hot topic in Apparel & General Merchandise, Room 314 & 316, Level 3

                      GS1 Standards help the Apparel & General Merchandise (GM) industries solve business challenges across the entire supply chain. In this workshop participants will learn how product master data prevent products from moving efficiently through the supply chain and how this impact retailers, industry and consumers. The workshop will showcase several Master Data initiatives across the GS1 community and participants are invited to develop strategies and ideas in an interactive part to approach the sectors master data challenge.

                      Target Audience: Participants should be interested in Apparel & General Merchandise and their sub-sectors, such as DIY, Consumer Electronics, Toys, Cosmetics etc. Prior knowledge on master data are not required.

                      Industry: Retail - apparel; Retail- general merchandise

                      Session Leader: Markus Mueller, GS1

                    • Innovation & Consumer Internet of Things (C-IoT), Hall 100, Level 1

                      Internet of Things (IoT) activities are continuing to gain momentum on many fronts: helping to create smart homes, smart cities, and smart factories. But as anyone who has struggled to set up home Wifi can attest, does the promise of connecting more of our devices together actually succeed in making us smarter? In this session, we will unpack the the opportunities for a Consumer-centric IoT world (C-IoT), describe current efforts to understand ways that industry is looking to IoT solutions to advance their connection to consumers, and the challenges we face in making this a reality.

                      Target Audience: All levels. Anyone interested in IoT activities and how standards support the development of IoT architecture.

                      Industry: All

                      Session Leader: Kevin Stark, GS1; Gena Morgan, GS1


                    • Reducing Hunger: Food surplus, food banks, and Standards, Hall 300, Level 3

                      Can standards help stakeholders translate supply chain food surplus to better meet the needs of those facing food insecurity? A global objective to end hunger, improve nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture has been established by the United Nations (Sustainable Development Goal 2). This is motivating countries, agricultural producers, industry, and non-profit organizations to act to reduce the amount of food that is lost in the supply chain and to better address the needs of those who may face hunger. This session is for those interested in learning how GS1 MO's are supporting efforts to use of standards to reduce hunger.

                      Guest speaker: Kristina Liljestrand Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg

                      Target Audience: MO staff at all levels

                      Industry: All

                      Session Leaders: Yvette Madrid, GS1


                    BCS and Data Excellence Board Dinner (Members Only), offsite venue, Hilton Brussels Grand Place

                      07:30 - 08:30

                      Welcome Coffee, Foyers, Level 0

                        08:30 - 14:00

                        Data Excellence Board Meeting w/working lunch (DE board only), Panoramic hall, Level 5

                          08:30 - 10:30

                          Parallel Workshops

                          • Attribute Explorer, Room 313 & 315, Level 3

                            Attribute Explorer production instance will be launched at the Global Forum. While in this session you will discover how to use this solution as a document repository and to use the tool to find out how attributes and code list values are defined by GS1 Standards. MO's who have been using the tool to support their communities will also share best practices on how to use the solution.

                            Target Audience: Everyone, all levels.

                            Industry: All industries.

                            Session Leader: Lorraine Knight, GS1


                          • GS1 MO IT Managers, Room 314 & 316, Level 3

                            More details will be available soon.

                            Target Audience: MO IT Managers

                            Session Leader: Nicholas Fergusson, GS1

                          • GTIN Non-reuse Readiness (MO Only), Hall 100, Level 1

                            Ending GTIN reuse (not Global Company Prefix reuse) was prioritised by industry as a part of UniqueID work. The GS1 “GTIN Non-Reuse Readiness Project” has been launched to ensure MOs and GS1 overall are well-prepared for the eventual stopping of GTIN reuse globally in December 2018.

                            Join this informative session about the business and technology implications of ending GTIN reuse across the areas of: finance, legal, systems/technical, communications and change management. Attendees will receive tools and resources that will enable them to internally prepare for the end of GTIN reuse and to have positive, productive communications with their users.

                            Target Audience: All including MO staff in Member Services/Support/Customer Service, Industry Engagement, Standards

                            Industry: Foodservice; Retail - apparel; Retail - CPG; Retail- fresh foods; Retail- general merchandise

                            Session Leader: Elena Tomanovich, GS1

                          • Imagine, improving patient safety with identifiers and design and by listening to the patient, Room 311 & 312, Level 3

                            This session will focus on helping GS1 MO's understand how healthcare providers become aware of benefits from implementing GS1 identifiers for a better supply chain and their core business patient care. How will the actual 'end-user', the patient, benefit when healthcare providers use GS1?

                            It will also enable MO's to increase engagement of healthcare providers to use GS1 standards and allows for gaining MO-input on next steps.

                            • Next step 'eco-system' of a hospital.
                            • Practical examples, including challenges faced
                            • Practical questions healthcare providers will have and how to connect to the patient.
                            • GS1 tools to help MO's in engaging healthcare providers

                            Guest Speaker: Mrs. Margaret Murphy, World Health Organization (WHO) and Mrs. Ingeborg Griffioen, Panton

                            Target Audience: All levels.

                            Industry: Healthcare

                            Session Leader: Els van der Wilden, GS1

                          • Public Policy: Advancing the use of GS1 standards in cross-border trade - working with policy makers for more effective risk management, increased safety and improved anti-counterfeit, Arc Room, Level 3

                            As the most widely used supply chain standard system in the world, GS1 standards are well positioned to strengthen the activities of international organisations, government agencies, customs organizations and trade facilitators. While being used in many different complex sectors, GS1 standards have a key role to play in strengthening risk management and anti-counterfeit actions. Join this session and learn more from experiences in real cases of engagement to improve risk management, fight counterfeit trade and support institutions in targeting illicit trade all along the supply chain.

                            Target Audience: All levels.

                            Industry: All industries

                            Guest speakers: Chris Resweber, The JM Smucker Company; Michael Morantz, Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD); Rami Habbal, GS1 United Arab Emirates; Nick Allison, GS1 New Zealand.

                            Session Leader: Elizabeth Board, GS1

                          • Traceability: Achieving successful deployment of the new Global Traceability Standard (GTSv2), Silver hall, Level 0

                            The new GS1 Global Traceability Standard (GTSv2) provides the needed framework to ensure that traceability systems are interoperable and scalable, where trading partners can easily collaborate and share information for visibility across the entire chain.

                            This session will focus on MO deployment of the standard including the product portfolio, marketing collateral, capacity building and sector specific messaging essential for success. We will dive deeply into the future plan for GS1 traceability and our vision for an improved offering of value added services and solutions for MOs, and set the course for 2018-2019.

                            Target Audience: Everyone, all levels.

                            Industry: All industries

                            Session Leader: Timothy Marsh, GS1

                          10:30 - 11:00

                          Coffee Break, Foyers, Level 0

                            11:00 - 12:30

                            Parallel Workshops

                            • Big Picture track, session 3: Capabilities & Selling (MO Only), Silver hall, Level 0

                              This interactive session will focus on the core capabilities – such as "how to sell" - needed to bring our services to life and to accelerate growth for all MOs as part of the Big Picture project.​

                              The "Big Picture" is a long-term GS1 project to introduce global services for all GS1 Member Organisations. The Big Picture project will simplify the GS1 offering, provide real value for our stakeholders, help companies of all sizes grow their business and become more efficient, and ensure the future relevance of GS1.

                              Target Audience: All levels

                              Industry: All

                              Session Leader: Audrey Kremer, GS1


                            • Last mile opportunities - Learn from your peers (MO only), Hall 300, Level 3

                              This session has been developed for GS1 MOs that plan (or have already started) to engage with their local markets to promote the adoption of new parcel standards, GS1 identifiers and other GS1 standards.

                              We will work on specific topics and challenges presented by MOs. Groups will exchange experiences and ideas to help improve our respective market engagement initiatives. Joint multi-country actions may be identified to enhance the impact of local engagements and to seize cross-border opportunities. You can expect to get concrete suggestions, ideas and help from your fellow MOs for engaging with existing and new members in your country.

                              Target Audience: This is a working session for MOs only. To get the most from it, a certain level of preparation by the participants is required, e.g., basic knowledge about the local last-mile market, potential opportunities and barriers that may exist in the local market, any contacts and relationships that may be leveraged, and more.

                              Industry: All industries.

                              Session Leader: Jaco Voorspuij, GS1; Frits van den Bos, GS1 Netherlands


                            • Engaging Healthcare Solution Providers (MO only), Room 313 & 315, Level 3

                              This workshop is designed to inform MO colleagues about the status and deliverables of the current project to support engagement of healthcare solution providers to use GS1 standards. In addition, the session will be structured to gain MO input to drive the future direction of the project - what are the opportunities, learnings, challenges and MO needs when working with solution providers operating in the healthcare sector?

                              Target Audience: MO staff only. No prior knowledge is needed.

                              Industry: Healthcare

                              Session Leader: Tania Snioch, GS1

                            • GS1 MO IT Managers, continued, Room 314 & 316, Level 3

                              More details will be available soon.

                              Target Audience: MO IT Managers

                              Session Leader: Nicholas Fergusson, GS1

                            • Marketing, Hall 100, Level 1

                              Join this session to connect with others in the GS1 marketing community and hear the latest updates on marketing topics. This year, we will focus on two main areas:

                              1. GS1 Cloud: discover marketing tools to support your work on the GS1 Cloud
                              2. Digital marketing: share best practices and progress together.

                              Target Audience: Marketing staff

                              Industry: All industries

                              Session Leaders: Joe Horwood, GS1

                            • Retail industry user groups around the world (MO only), Room 311 & 312, Level 3

                              Business needs for GS1 standards are driven by the industry experts who use them. GS1 Member Organisations (MOs) play a vital role in these discussions and once developed, work with industry to drive the adoption and use of these needed standards.

                              One of the most successful approaches to identifying needs and driving the adoption of standards is the creation of local and regional MO-led Industry User Groups.

                              In this session you will exchange best practices and ideas with MO colleagues from around the world who are providing this critical link between GS1 standards and user communities through their respective sectors.

                              Target Audience: All levels

                              Industry: Foodservice; Retail - CPG; Retail - apparel; Retail- fresh foods; Retail- general merchandise

                              Session Leaders: Markus Mueller, Elena Tomanovich, GS1

                            12:30 - 14:00


                            • Lunch and Learn: Diversity and Inclusion at GS1- Get the conversation started, Silver hall, Level 0

                              Following the success of our first lunch-and-learn session on diversity, inclusion and gender equality at the Global Forum 2017, we are proud to deliver our plan to build a culture of inclusion at GS1. We plan to discuss ways to get this conversation started globally and locally. To this end, we have engaged JUMP - a leading social enterprise working with organisations on Inclusion and Diversity to achieve sustainable corporate performance and we intend to start the process to develop an inclusive work culture within each country and throughout our organisation.

                              The objective of this session is to drive awareness of the benefits of an Inclusive organisation and increase understanding about our plans. We also hope to gain inspiration from our community leaders on their companies’ initiatives.

                              Speakers: Isabella Lenarduzzi, Founder of JUMP; Kathy Wengel, Johnson & Johnson; Erin Hennessey, P&G; Joseph Phi, LF Logistics (Li & Fung Group); Tim Smucker, The J.M. Smucker Co.; Marianne Timmons, GS1 Global Office

                              Panel moderated by: Kelly Asghar, GS1 Canada

                              Target audience: Everyone

                            • Networking Lunch, Hall 1, Level -2

                            14:00 - 15:15

                            Healthcare Plenary: The life of a healthcare product - from manufacturer to patient, Gold hall, Level 0

                            Every healthcare stakeholder relies on GS1 standards every day – let their voices bring the importance of patient safety to life

                            Guest Speakers:

                            • Margaret Murphy, World Health Organisation (WHO), chair & opening presenter
                            • Mike Rose, Johnson & Johnson
                            • Hennie Mulder, Maxima Medical Centre
                            • Andras Sule, European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP)
                            • John Cotter, St. James Hospital, Ireland
                            15:30 - 19:30

                            Market Place Expo, Hall 2, Level -2


                              Welcome Cocktail in the Market Place, Hall 2, Level -2


                                Executive Committee Board Dinner (Board only), offsite location, Hilton Brussels Grand Place

                                  07:30 - 08:30

                                  Welcome Coffee, Foyers, Level 0

                                    08:30 - 12:30

                                    Regional Forums (MO only)

                                    • Asia Pacific, 314 & 316, Level 3
                                    • Europe, Gold Hall, Level 0
                                    • Latin America, Hall 300, Level 3
                                    • MEMA, Room 311 & 312, Level 3
                                    • North America, Room 313 & 315, Level 3

                                    Attendees: GS1 MO delegates or by invitation only

                                      10:00 - 14:00

                                      Executive Board Committee w/lunch (Board only), Panoramic hall, Level 5

                                        10:30 - 11:00

                                        Coffee break, Foyers, Level 0

                                          12:30 - 14:00


                                          • Lunch and Learn: “Is there anything beyond Mars ?” The opportunities and challenges beyond brand-centric identification, Silver hall, Level 0

                                            Are you interested in the potential to grow and expand beyond GS1 core sectors? Have you ever experienced discussions with major stakeholders in these sectors only to be told: “GS1 is best for retail and healthcare, we have different needs”; “You are all about brands, we don’t care about them”; “There is incompatibility with our codification systems”; or “We already comply with the nationally mandated identification system so we can’t adopt GS1 standards”? This session will present some concrete examples on why GS1 has much more to offer in a wide range of sectors, as well as approaches to counter the concerns voiced above.

                                            Target Audience: Everyone

                                            Industry: Humanitarian Logistics; All Industries; Technical Industries

                                            Session Leaders: Yvette Madrid, Enzo Blonk, GS1

                                          • Networking Lunch, Hall 1, Level -2

                                            14:00 - 15:00

                                            Stretching GS1 boundaries plenary, Gold hall, Level 0

                                            Our role as a neutral, user driven, independent partner helps industries to work together and unlock the potential for savings and efficiencies. GS1 is sought out as a valued partner across multiple sectors and we are embracing several opportunities to stretch the boundaries of GS1. This plenary features two exciting stories of how we are diversifying GS1’s portfolio.

                                            In this plenary we will be inspired by Dr. Sanjay E. Sarma, Vice President of Open Learning at MIT, who will connect the basic themes of his recent book “The Inversion Factor” with foundational work that GS1 is doing in the Internet of Things and identity. We will also hear a financial sector update from Stephan Wolf, the CEO of the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF). Additionally, Stephan will moderate a panel of 3 Member Organisation CEOs, talking about the early days of running an LEI service in their countries, providing trusted services and open, reliable data for unique legal entity identification worldwide.

                                            Speakers: Sanjay Sarma, MIT, Vice President of Open Learning at MIT, Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Dean of Digital Learning; Stephan Wolf, CEO of GLEIF and a panel of 3 GS1 Member Organisation CEOs.

                                              15:00 - 15:30

                                              Coffee break, Foyers, Level 0

                                                15:30 - 17:00

                                                Parallel Workshops

                                                • Customer service network (MO only), Room 314 & 316, Level 3

                                                  Sharing best practices in Customer Service with the GS1 Customer Service Network.

                                                  Target Audience: MO Staff responsible for Customer Service processes in their MO. Beginners welcome. Restricted to only MO and GO staff.

                                                  Industry: All industries

                                                  Session Leaders: Naoki van Acker, GS1

                                                • Fresh Foods- Achieving faster, fresher supply chains with GS1 standards (MO only), Room 311 & 312, Level 3

                                                  The Fresh Foods sector is growing, driven by product demand from increasing numbers of health-conscious consumers and improved access to safe, fresh products through global trade. Longer and increasingly complex supply chains have increased the need to focus on speed and efficiency, as well as improve visibility and communications. This session features approaches and best practices of user companies and GS1 Member Organisations across the world who are driving adoption of GS1 standards to solve fresh foods business challenges.

                                                  Target Audience: MOs new to engaging with the Fresh Foods sector; MOs interested in deeper adoption of GS1 standards with user companies in the fresh foods supply chain.

                                                  Industry: Foodservice, Retail-fresh foods

                                                  Session Leader: Elena Tomanovich, GS1


                                                • GS1 Activate: Introduction to GS1's Key Issuance, Management and Activation Service (MO only), Arc Room, Level 3

                                                  GS1 Activate is the new name for the service offered by GS1 Global Office to all MOs providing key issuance, management and activation capabilities. This is one way MOs can collect GTIN information and provide it to the GS1 Cloud. With this tool every member company — no matter how small — will have the same visibility as the largest brand owners in the world. This workshop will include:

                                                  • Information about the functionality and development timeline
                                                  • How GS1 GO is leveraging existing MO issuance services
                                                  • Where you can provide input and get involved in the project​

                                                  Target Audience: This is for CEO and business development staff from GS1 MOs

                                                  Industry: All industries

                                                  Session Leader: Cameron Green, GS1

                                                  Guest speaker:: Thomas Bikeev from REIS

                                                • GS1 EDI Strategy, Room 313 & 315, Level 3

                                                  A lot has happened since the EDI Strategy was last published in 2011; EDI for public procurement is picking up fast, eCommerce platforms require new solutions, increase of interdependent technical standards, etc. This workshop will describe the draft new strategy and allow you to provide your input before the going to the General Assembly in May.

                                                  Target Audience: Everyone

                                                  Industry: All

                                                  Session Leader: Malcolm Bowden, Anders Grangard, GS1


                                                • GS1 Global LEI Service (MO only), Hall 300, Level 3

                                                  Join the interactive GS1 Global LEI Service Workshop, where you will collaborate and learn from your peers about deploying the service and how to develop a long-term sustainable LEI business. Hear first-hand from MOs about their experience becoming a Registration Agent, including best practices, selling strategies, challenges and learnings.

                                                  Target Audience: MO's interested in learning about how to deploy a local LEI service (Beginners)

                                                  Industry: All industries

                                                  Session Leaders: Chris Liu, GS1

                                                • Retail: There's no such thing as fully offline shopping, Hall 100, Level 1

                                                  In this session you will hear about the latest market developments in online retail and how GS1 and its Member Organizations around the world are helping online retailers to cope with the challenges they face concerning identification and data exchange issues. You will get a sound overview of how GS1 SmartSearch, Image standards, GTIN management rules including the reuse cessation and product variant standards, data standards, GS1 Cloud and the use of the GS1 SSCC as unique parcel ID all fit together in order to add value to the omni-channel retail value chain.

                                                  Target Audience: MOs, manufacturers, retailers, solution providers, digital agencies.

                                                  Industry: Foodservice; Retail - apparel; Retail - CPG; Retail- fresh foods; Retail- general merchandise

                                                  Session Leaders: Phil Archer, GS1; Frits van den Bos, GS1 Netherlands

                                                16:00 - 18:30

                                                Presidents and CEO’s Session, Gold hall, Level 0


                                                  Networking Dinner & GS1's Got Talent Show at Tour & Taxi

                                                  Join us for an action-packed evening of networking in a fun environment. Come to celebrate, enjoy delicious cuisine and make new friendships. We hope to see YOU on the dance floor!

                                                  Attendees: Everyone

                                                  Venue: Tour & Taxis, 3, rue Picard, B-1000, Brussels

                                                  How to get there: 19:15 transport busses will be available next to the Square Brussels Meeting Center on Mont des Arts. Don't forget to wear your badge! Dress code is casual.

                                                  Return busses: First bus leaves at 23:00, last bus leaves at 02:00. Busses run back and forth between this time.

                                                  08:00 - 09:00

                                                  Welcome Coffee, Foyers, Level 0

                                                    09:00 - 10:30

                                                    Parallel Workshops

                                                    • GDSN Simplification, Hall 100, Level 1

                                                      The GS1 Data Excellence Board’s focus is on ensuring a strong strategy is in place to ensure continued and future success of the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN). GDSN is foundational to the overall GS1 Strategy and will be complimentary to the GS1 Cloud. GDSN Simplification is the GS1 Data Excellence Board initiative to develop a 2 year strategic plan for GDSN. This session will provide an overview of the network and the GDSN 2 year strategic plan that will be presented to the GS1 Data Excellence Board for approval during the Global Forum.

                                                      Session Leader: Susie McIntosh-Hinson, GS1

                                                    • GS1 AIDC Technical Team: solving your pressing problems (MO only), Hall 300, Level 3

                                                      Discuss key projects and resolve pressing Member issues with your fellow AIDC expert colleagues. This is THE place to learn about the latest projects and to bring the hard problems that requires a team of experts to help!

                                                      Target Audience: MO staff only. Beginners are welcome, but it is geared towards people who are experts.

                                                      Industry: All industries

                                                      Session Leader: Andrew Hearn, GS1

                                                    • GS1 MO IT Managers, continued, Room 314 & 316, Level 3

                                                      More details will be available soon.

                                                      Target Audience: MO IT Managers

                                                      Session Leader: Nicholas Fergusson, GS1


                                                    • GS1 Standards in CPG - Creating value for trading partners and consumers (MO only), Room 311 & 312, Level 3

                                                      The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sector has changed significantly in 40 years. What began with the barcode as a way to improve point-of-sale, has grown into a robust portfolio of supply chain standards that serve as the global language of business. Today, the consumers’ ever-increasing demand for trusted information about products - and multiple paths to purchase - are creating dynamic operating environments for brand owners and retailers.

                                                      This session will feature MO sharing about local activities, small group discussions and the new CPG Engagement Kit – an essential collection of materials to engage with brand owners, retailers and other stakeholders.

                                                      Target Audience: MOs new to engaging with the CPG sector; MOs interested in deeper adoption of GS1 standards with user companies in the CPG supply chain.

                                                      Industry: Retail - CPG;Foodservice

                                                      Session Leader: Elena Tomanovich, GS11

                                                    • Healthcare: pharmaceutical traceability, Silver hall, Level 0

                                                      This workshop will overview the latest important developments relating to use of GS1 standards for implementation of pharmaceutical traceability regulations across the world.

                                                      Session Leader: Susie McIntosh-Hinson, GS1

                                                    • How to fight against tobacco illicit trade with GS1 standards (MO only), Arc Room, Level 3

                                                      The European Commission has taken many initiatives against tobacco illicit trade. The European final implementing acts will be published in December 2017 and opportunities are available for GS1 MOs and users.

                                                      Join this session to learn more about the European and global frameworks and how GS1 standards may help implementing public ambitious goals.

                                                      Target Audience: All levels, no prior knowledge needed.

                                                      Industry: Technical Industries; Transport & Logistics; Retail- general merchandise

                                                      Session Leader: Francesca Poggiali, GS1


                                                    • Technical Industries: the digital era of life cycle visibility, Room 313 & 315, Level 3

                                                      Participants will receive a brief intro on Technical Industries and a short overview of recent GS1 activities. It will demonstrate the immense opportunities for GS1 globally and how current efforts are foundational for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

                                                      The session will address the 4 sectors in focus for 2018-2019 : Construction, CPG, Defence and Rail. The requirements of these sectors will be illustrated by use cases provided by Industry guest speakers. They will show that the adoption of GS1 Standards (item identification and exchange of Material Master Data) is already contributing to a higher efficiency in business processes and in the full visibility of the Material Life Cycle.

                                                      Guest Speakers: Richard Petrie - CEO buildingSmart International (Construction); Thierry Vanden Dreis - Chairman NATO Codification committee; Tanmoy - Indian Railways (TBC)

                                                      Target Audience: All levels

                                                      Industry: Technical Industries; Retail - CPG; Transport & Logistics; Healthcare

                                                      Session Leader: Enzo Blonk, GS1

                                                    09:00 - 14:00

                                                    Innovation Board (Members only), Panoramic hall, Level 5

                                                      10:30 - 11:00

                                                      Coffee Break, Foyers, Level 0

                                                        11:00 - 12:30

                                                        Parallel Workshops

                                                        • EPC-enabled RFID and retail innovation - success stories and challenges, Arc room, Level 3

                                                          GS1 Standards help the Apparel & General Merchandise (GM) industries solve business challenges across the entire supply chain. EPC-enabled RFID adoption is constantly growing across retail sub-sectors. At the same time innovative technologies and store concepts determine the way industry is doing business upstream and downstream. In this workshop participants will hear about various success stories and challenges related to the adoption of EPC/RFID and innovation in retail.

                                                          Target Audience: Everyone interested in EPC-enabled RFID and retail innovation can attend. No prior knowledge necessary.

                                                          Industry: Retail - apparel; Retail- general merchandise; Retail - CPG

                                                          Session Leader: Markus Mueller, GS1


                                                        • Foodservice - Solving Business Challenges with Global Standards (MO only), Rooms 311 & 312, Level 3

                                                          GS1 Standards help the Foodservice industry solve business challenges across the entire supply chain. In this workshop, participants will learn some of the basic principles of the Foodservice sector and understand in what ways GS1 standards can be leveraged for success. It will showcase “how to get started” with a new sector, focusing on industry engagement and MO planning activities. We will discuss what the first steps could look like for MOs looking to expand into this sector. MOs will present their experience and learnings of how they turned their activities into a success.

                                                          Target Audience: Beginners and those exploring the Foodservice sector

                                                          Industry: Foodservice; Retail - CPG; Retail- fresh foods

                                                          Session Leader: Elena Tomanovich, GS1


                                                        • GS1 MO IT Managers, continued, Room 314 & 316, Level 3

                                                          More details will be available soon.

                                                          Target Audience: MO IT Managers

                                                          Session Leader: Nicholas Fergusson, GS1


                                                        • GS1 Standards Development Certification Programme - Presentation Skills & Cultural Diversity, Hall 300, Level 3

                                                          This classroom training will bring you the basics of presentation skills and how to interact with a multi-cultural audience.

                                                          Target Audience: This session is for anyone who wants to strengthen their skill set in this area, especially those who are already enrolled in the certification programme and need this course for certification.

                                                          Industry: All industries.

                                                          Session Leader: Greg Rowe, GS1


                                                        • Master Data Services and Brand Owner Certification Programme - Best practice sharing, Hall 100, Level 1

                                                          The Programme, aimed to improve Data Quality at its source, continues to gather momentum since its launch in July 2017. Member Organisations from over 16 countries, large brands, retailers and data pools have joined the discussions, several of which are deploying this fiscal year. In this informative session, you will hear Member Organisations talk about their experience and learnings, having successfully passed the audit and received their certification. The GS1 MDS Auditor will provide her observations and insight about auditing Member Organisations of different sizes and with different types of structures. The session will also highlight; programme benefits, training materials available, steps to deploy and what to expect throughout the audit.

                                                          Target Audience: All levels

                                                          Industry: All industries.

                                                          Session Leader: Lorraine Knight, Carolyn Lee and Donna DiPietro, GS1

                                                        • Sustainability: Product and supply chain sustainability through trust and transparency - a focus on the future for GS1, Silver Hall, Level 0

                                                          We believe GS1 is uniquely positioned to provide significant value and capabilities to support and enable sustainability initiatives. GS1’s role may be as simple as providing easy access to Global Location Numbers (GLN)s for agricultural stakeholders, or more complex such as supporting blockchain pilots for transparency, or delivering standards for sustainability metrics.

                                                          We are now working aggressively to understand what our longer term opportunities are for GS1 and users of our standards. Business needs are critical for GS1 to set appropriate priorities and goals for the future. This session will build on strategic work initiated Fall 2017 and the GS1 Sustainability Task Force.

                                                          Guest speakers: Joseph Wozniak and Mathieu Lamolle from ITC.

                                                          Target Audience: Everyone.

                                                          Industry: All industries.

                                                          Session Leader: Timothy Marsh, GS1


                                                        • Technical Industries MO Interest Group (Members only), Room 313 & 315, Level 3

                                                          Face-to-face meeting of the Technical Industries MO Interest Group. The group will discuss and share current status of industry engagement and/or standards deployment, in particular in the "2017-2019 Strategy" sectors Construction, CPG (factory-level), Defence and Rail. The aim is to share best practices and investigate any standardisation gaps.

                                                          Guests Richard Petrie, buildingSMART International and Thierry Vanden Dries, NATO Group of National Directors on Codification

                                                          Target Audience: Technical Industries MO Interest Group members and invited guests

                                                          Industry: Healthcare;Transport & Logistics

                                                          Session Leader: Enzo Blonk, GS1

                                                        12:30 - 14:00

                                                        Networking Lunch, Hall 1, Level -2

                                                          14:00 - 16:30

                                                          Closing Plenary, Gold Hall, Level 0

                                                          It's going to be a very special Closing Plenary! For the first time, we'll have TED-style talks by two extraordinary individuals from our MO community: Rami Habbal from GS1 United Arab Emirates and Siobhain Duggan from GS1 Ireland. Listen to their compelling perspectives and be inspired to accept the challenge for change. Don't miss this unforgettable plenary session as we hear from our CEO, Miguel Lopera, as he shares insights from the GS1 Executive Committee of the Board and we'll hear from GS1 regional MO CEOs about what's happening in their regions.

                                                          Target Audience: everyone

                                                            15:00 - 15:15

                                                            Coffee Break, Foyers, Level 0

                                                              08:00 - 09:00

                                                              Welcome Coffee, Foyer Arc, Level 3

                                                                09:00 - 13:00

                                                                GS1 Standards Development Certification Programme - Effective Meeting Facilitation, Room 314 & 316, Level 3

                                                                This course will bring knowledge and interpersonal skills to GS1 group leaders on effective meeting practices and how to apply these into future group meetings, resulting in consensus-based agreements.

                                                                Target Audience: This session is for anyone looking to strengthen their skill set in this area, specifically those who need to complete this course for programme certification.

                                                                Industry: All industries

                                                                Session Leader:Greg Rowe, GS1

                                                                  10:30 - 11:00

                                                                  Coffee Break, Foyer Arc, Level 3

                                                                    13:00 - 14.00

                                                                    Networking Lunch, Foyer Arc, Level 3

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