The Global Language of Business

GS1 Global Data Model

GS1 GDM SMG voted to implement the 2.4 standard into production in August 2022.

Key Milestones:

See GS1 GDM Release Schedule

As content for this release is developed it will be posted to this webpage followed by an announcement to the community to ensure visibility.
GDSN Data Pools should contact the GS1 GDSN Data Pool Helpdesk to understand the plan for the update. Trading Partners should work with their Data Pools (if using GDSN) and/or Member Organisations on understanding the release and any impacts to business processes.

Updated For Maintenance Release 2.4

GDM Standard 2.4 (August 2022)

Delta GDM Standard 2.4 (August 2022)

Local Layers For Maintenance Release 2.4

Belgium - not ratified (May 2022)

China - GSMP RATIFIED (April 2022)

Colombia - not ratified (April 2021)

Czech Republic - not ratified (Updated November 2022)

France - not ratified (17 December 2021)

Germany – not ratified (April 2021)

Luxemburg - not ratified (May 2022)

Netherlands - not ratified (May 2022)

Poland - not ratified (17 December 2021)

Romania - GSMP RATIFIED (17 December 2021)

Sweden - not ratified (20 January 2022)

Turkey - not ratified ( February 2022)


Comparison of All Local Layers (UPDATED November 2022)

Release Guidance

GDM Attribute Implementation Guidance (UPDATED August 2022)

GPC Bricks To GDM (Sub-) Category Mapping (May 2022)

Attribute Definitions for Business (UPDATED August 2022)

GDM (Sub-) Categories (October 2021)

GDM Regions and Countries (17 December 2021)

GDSN Release 3.1.20 (August 2022)


GDM Navigator on the Web (NEW October 2022)

GS1 GDM Attribute Analysis Tool (August 2021)

GDM Local Layer Submission Template (November 2021)


E-Learning Course

Latest Version

Version 2.4