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Welcome to the 25th Global GS1 Healthcare Conference

Here you'll find:


Day 1 - Tuesday 1 April

Plenary sessions

Working Lunch & implementation reality session

Day 2 - Wednesday 2 April

Plenary session

Implementation reality sessions

Day 3 - Thursday 3 April


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Poster session


  GS1 Argentina - ANMAT marking the way




  GS1 Australia - GS1 Bar Codes




  GS1 Australia - Healthcare Datacrunch




  GS1 Ireland - Safer surgeries saves lives




  GS1 Global Office - Mobile Access




  GS1 Global Office - Endorsement paper



About the conference

Held twice per annum, the Global GS1 Healthcare Conference is a key event for sharing information to the GS1 Healthcare community. Healthcare leaders from private industry and government agencies will present the progress of worldwide efforts to implement GS1 Standards that improve patient safety, supply chain security and efficiency. 

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