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Fight the Fakes welcomes GS1 as a new partner

 We are delighted to announce that GS1 Healthcare joins the Fight the Fakes campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of fake medicines.

Fight the Fakes Campaign

Effectively combatting the issue of fake medicine requires efforts on various fronts, ranging from education and awareness raising among the public and health care professionals, strong legislative frameworks, and secure medical supply chains. GS1 Healthcare will be bringing its wealth of knowledge and expertise on healthcare standards to the campaign.

Originally set up in 2013 by 10 organisations, FTF now counts 41 partner organisations, representing doctors, nurses, pharmacists, patients, civil society, manufacturers, wholesalers, and industry.
Substandard and falsified medicines are an ever-growing problem with the World Health Organisation have already estimated in 2017 that one in ten medical products circulating in lower-income countries is fake.

Secure and robust medical supply chains increase patient safety, drive supply chain efficiencies, and improve the traceability of medicines. As the campaign continues to raise awareness on this ever-growing issue, our share of voice within the global health community grows larger with the support from our diverse range of partners.

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