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GS1 Healthcare and the International Hospital Federation strengthing their collaboration

As part of the ambition to increase cooperation between GS1 Healthcare and the International Hospital Federation, and to re?align with IHF’s new strategic period, IHF agreed to continue representation in the global GS1 Healthcare Leadership Team (HCLT). With the aim of enhancing future endeavours, to improve patient safety and quality of care through global standards, beyond the benefits of global standards for the healthcare supply chain.

The collaboration will bring IHF direct influence on GS1 HC strategy and decisions; it will bring direct access to actual knowledge on global product identification, and present as well as emerging regulatory requirements. GS1 Healthcare is premier associate member of IHF, which grants GS1 Healthcare multiple benefits, including the possibility to host a session at the IHF World Hospital Congress, to participate in IHF activities and working groups, and to have customized collaborations with the IHF CEO and its IHF Secretariat.


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