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Improving Patient Safety with Traceable Drugs - Unit Dose

With a goal to improve patient safety and enhance processes of drug management, the Centro de Atenção Integral a Saúde da Mulher (CAISM), or Women’s Health Hospital of Sao Paolo and Laboratory Cristalia have established a partnership, where all drugs (unit doses) supplied by Cristália are identified with a GS1 DataMatrix encoded with GTIN, Lot Number, and Expiration Date

Cristália, in partnership with the Hospital IT Service, has also developed a software system compatible with the GS1 standard barcode, optimizing the process moving from printing to digital. 

• 1- Optimization of resources: exclusion of the printing of the 2nd copy of medical prescription;
• 2- Optimization of time: reduction of the time necessary for unitization of doses by the Pharmacy Service team;
• 3- Increase of patient safety:  the information are automatically checked with the medical prescription with issuance of alerts in case of divergence, acting as one more barrier for patient safety.

By using our GS1 DataMatrix code, it is possible to track the flow of drugs within hospitals, automatically registering at the hospital bedside: which drug was administered, date/time, professional who performed the administration. In addition to automatic write-off in stocks and reduction of problems with inventory.

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