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Meet the 2018/2019 GS1 Healthcare Leadership Team

Elected annually, the GS1 Healthcare Leadership Team (HCLT) is comprised of more than 20 representatives of industry – pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturers, wholesalers, healthcare providers, solution and logistics providers, as well as GS1 Member Organisations (MOs), representing all geographical regions. The role of the HCLT is to develop and maintain GS1 Healthcare’s overall strategy, including industry engagement, conference development, financial monitoring and organisation representation. In addition, the HCLT initiates and supports GS1 work groups, and monitors progress according to the strategy. All global GS1 Healthcare members may nominate and vote for the HCLT. CEOs of GS1 MOs who have a local healthcare user group may nominate and vote for MO representatives. 

Tri-chairs are elected by Leadership Team members, ideally representing all healthcare stakeholders. Their role is to facilitate consensus, provide strategic guidance and liaise with the GS1 Management Board. Tri-chairs are elected for two years. The GS1 Global Office facilitates the activities of GS1 Healthcare according to the organisation’s strategy.

The HCLT convenes weekly via conference call, twice per year at the global GS1 Healthcare conferences, and at an annual video conference, which takes place simultaneously at two geographical locations. In addition, the HCLT conducts monthly webinars providing global members with an overview of developments and an update on progress achieve.


2018/2019 GS1 Healthcare Leadership Team