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Solution Partners: highly valued business partners of GS1 working with us to help improve supply chain efficiency and patient safety

Today, healthcare stakeholders around the world are implementing GS1 standards to deliver significant value for their processes, caregivers and patients. To reinforce this collaboration GS1 Healthcare has updated its Solution Partners website, providing valuable resources for GS1 Member Organisations, solution providers and healthcare stakeholders.

GS1 engages with providers of electronic health records, enterprise resource planning, clinical systems and other relevant solutions to ensure they support GS1 standards in their solutions. and help drive interoperability throughout healthcare systems.

The use of GS1 identifiers, barcodes and other GS1 standards is quickly becoming a strategic priority for many healthcare stakeholders to enable the automation of manual processes for increased efficiency, accuracy and enable safer processes. With a recognised need for GS1 standards, healthcare stakeholders are calling on solution partners for support and expertise to drive faster and better implementations.

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