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Ulrike Kreysa becomes international member of the French National Academy of Pharmacy

In January 2018, Ulrike Kreysa, Senior Vice President GS1 Healthcare, became an International Member of the French National Academy of Pharmacy (L'Académie Nationale de Pharmacie ).

She will bring her expertise and knowledge of GS1 international standards to increase patient safety.

"The role of the National Academy of Pharmacy is to bring together people with expertise in Healthcare. We have two missions: first, to make recommendations for the authorities and secondly to promote the dissemination of information in order to ensure the quality and traceability of medicines available to the public," says Jean-Loup Parier, President of the National Academy of Pharmacy, "With the appointment of Ulrike Kreysa we will benefit from her expertise on these topics, especially at the European level in order to make appropriate recommendations to the public authorities."

On behalf of all of GS1 France, its CEO François Deprey noted: "GS1 France is very proud of this nomination. It is a recognition by her peers not only of Ulrike's work during all these years, but also an opportunity to help GS1 become better known by people and entities that will increasingly need standards to facilitate their work with patients."


Left to right in the photo :

Jean-Loup Parier, President, French National Academy of Pharmacy

Ulrike Kreysa, Vice-President, GS1 Healthcare

Agnès Artiges, Permanent Secretary, French National Academy of Pharmacy

Jean-Michel Descoutures, Pharmacist and Manager of Internal Structure, Victor Dupouy Hospital (Argenteuil, France); Treasurer, French National Academy of Pharmacy; and Member of the GS1 Healthcare Leadership Team on behalf of the International Hospital Federation.