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GS1 Healthcare Strategy


GS1 Healthcare works to embrace the speed of change and continues to assist standards implementation, but at the same time recognises new developments that can influence and accelerate that implementation - all the way to the patient.

The strategy is specifically designed to ensure that the activities until 2027 deliver substantial progress towards the GS1 Healthcare vision and mission.

Healthcare vision

Our vision

GS1 Healthcare envisions a future in which the healthcare sector achieves harmonised implementation of global standards in business and clinical processes enabling interoperability, optimal quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery to benefit patients.

Healthcare mission

Our mission

GS1 Healthcare is a neutral and open community bringing together all related healthcare stakeholders to lead the successful development and implementation of global GS1 standards enhancing patient safety, operational and supply chain efficiencies.

Our GS1 Healthcare strategy consists of 7 areas of focus with 13 different workstreams based on guiding principles and tactical plans to help drive success.

Some areas of focus are extensions of our current work and others are new initiatives foreseen to further increase uptake of GS1 standards.

GS1 standards in action – supporting healthcare’s digital transformation for better patient outcomes

Join us to learn how accelerated standards adoption will make a difference to every patient, worldwide.
Using 6 use cases with simple animations, this interactive resource explains the healthcare actors, relationships and GS1 standards application.

Safer, more efficient care starts with a simple scan.

Point of care scanning leveraging GS1 standards helps minimise medical errors, leading to improved patient safety.


Using GS1 barcodes to record data in clinical systems improves speed and accuracy of data capture, enables clinical decision support, and improves traceability and recall of medical products.


The ability to identify products to the batch or serial number using GS1 standards facilitates more efficient, accurate and targeted recalls.

This is a fictional product recall, designed to highlight how GS1 standards can help to provide visibility and surety. Recall processes differ depending on the origin of the recall and on regulatory requirements of the jurisdiction in which it occurs.


GS1 standards improve traceability, visibility, and helps prevent falsified and substandard medicines reaching patients.


Accurate product data, exchanged using GS1 standards, leads to improved patient care and more efficient procurement, warehousing and payment activities.


Efficient supply chain and inventory management based on GS1 standards creates visibility, ensures the required inventory levels, and can reduce waste.


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