The Global Language of Business

Global GS1 Healthcare Conference

6-8 April 2011, Washington DC Metro Area



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  1. Welcome & Opening - Ulrike Kreysa (GS1 Global Office)
  2. Medical Devices: Unambiguous, Standardised and Harmonised Unique Device Identification (UDI) - Jay Crowley (US FDA)
  3. UDI – The European Perspective - Rodolphe Muñoz (European Commission)
  4. Help Shape the Future of the U.S. Healthcare Industry - Bob Carpenter (GS1 US)
  5. Chasing Zero – Winning the War on Healthcare Harm (VIDEO) - Dr. Charles Denham (Texas Medical Institute of Technology (TMIT))
  6. Effect of Bar Coding Technology on the Safety of Medication Administration - William Churchill (Brigham and Women's Hospital)
  7. Canadian Pharmaceutical Bar Coding Project - Ian Sheppard (ISMP Canada ‪and‬C hildren's and Women's Health Centre of B.C.)
  8. Ask the bar code quality assurance expert - Chris Tucker (VHA Office of Health Information)        
  9.  Ask the Discovery Services expert - Kerry Angelo (GS1 Global Office)
  10. Ask the DataMatrix expert - Chuck Biss (GS1 Global Office)
  11. UDI Code breakout session - Steve Capel (Covidien), Rosalind Parkinson (The Ohio State University Medical Center), Clemens Haas (Fresenius Kabi)
  12. Pharma @ Point-of-Care - William Churchill (Brigham and Women's Hospital), Ian Sheppard (BC Women’s and Children’s Hospital), Tim Marsh (Pfizer Inc.)
  13. Securing the Pharma Supply Chain: FDA’s Vision - Connie Jung (US FDA)
    • Presentation not available
  14. Securing the Pharma Supply Chain: EFPIA’s Vision - Grant Courtney (GlaxoSmithKline and European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA))
  15. Traceability and Serialisation – Responding as a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer to the Challenges - Peggy Staver (Pfizer)
    • Presentation not available
  16. The UDI Database – Standardising and accessing data from Central Utility - Colonel Christopher Harrington (U.S. Department of Defense
  17. HL7 Standards for UDI Across the World - Jackie Elkin (Medtronic)
  18. UDI Driven Improvements for Patient Safety - Deborah Templeton (Geisinger Health System)
  19. Ask the EPCIS expert - Bob Celeste (GS1 US)
    • Presentation not available
  20. Ask the HL7 expert - Todd Cooper (Breakthrough Solutions)
  21. Ask the direct part marking expert - Akio Murata (Muranaka Medical Instruments)
  22. Pharma Traceability breakout session - Grant Courtney (GlaxoSmithKline), George Kuntz (Cardinal Health), Peggy Staver (Pfizer), Michael Ventura (GlaxoSmithKline)
    • Presentation not available
  23. UDI Database breakout session - Mike Wallace (Abbott Laboratories), Terrie Reed (US FDA), Joe Pleasant (Premier Inc.), Mike Sarachman (Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems, Inc.)
  24. A Look at the World – Ulrike Kreysa (GS1 Global Office), Emilie Danel (GS1 Global Office), Alicia Duval (GS1 Canada), Valérie Marchand (GS1 France), Hans Lunenborg (GS1 Netherlands), Michio Hamano (GS1 Japan), Roger Lamb (GS1 UK)
  25. U.S. Healthcare Industry Sunrise Dates - John Roberts (GS1 US), John Terwilliger (Abbott), Michael Sarachman (J&J)
  26. Health IT and Rapid Adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHR) in the U.S. -  Dr. Edward Fotsch (PDR Network)
  27. Closing remarks – Volker Zeinar (B.Braun)



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