Making products traceable and tamper-proof with GS1 standards

To meet growing customer demands, the Schaeffler Group needed a solution that would uniquely identify each of its individual bearings to protect against counterfeiting and efficiently provide maintenance services for installed bearings around the world.

We chose the GS1 DataMatrix barcode as an identification method since the standards-based use of the barcode provides a wide range of capabilities—for us and for our partners.
Ingrid Bichelmeir-Boehn
Head of Global Brand Protection, Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG
The story: 

Schaeffler decided to use a serialised Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN®) encoded in a GS1 DataMatrix barcode that is directly engraved on each bearing. The decision was based on these GS1 standards’ global interoperability, robust data availability and the ease of integrating them into business processes.


•Verifies the authenticity of each Schaeffler bearing to combat counterfeits

•Protects the Schaeffler brand and its customers

•Enables the traceability of each bearing for proactive planning and efficient maintenance services

•Provides additional useful information such as country and batch/lot data

Thanks to GS1 standards, the global Schaeffler Group is meeting its customer requirements by making each individual bearing traceable, tamper-proof and available with useful information.

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