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MBDA Germany- Delivering expert knowledge globally with GS1 DataMatrix


MBDA Germany needed to provide maintenance and upkeep of highly complex systems without an expert on-site, often in crisis areas or on the high seas. Even though the company deployed a telemaintenance platform, it needed to be able to clearly identify assemblies for effective repairs.

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By creating a highly efficient telemaintenance solution, we were able to successfully and cost-effectively round off our comprehensive service package. Choosing the GS1 DataMatrix was a decisive step on our road to success.

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Reinhold Ziegler

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Head of Telemaintenance, MBDA Germany

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By directly marking each component with a serialised GS1 Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN®) encoded in a machine-readable GS1 DataMatrix barcode, experts in Germany can now accurately identify assemblies during telemaintenance routines.


  • Direct access to the component part’s maintenance history or blueprint is now possible.
  • Experts can offer support from Germany—without having to be on-site to study the components.
  • The innovative solution is also suitable for application in other high‑maintenance areas. 

By using GS1 standards, MBDA Germany has created an innovative telemaintenance service, which offers a secure and cost-effective solution for the maintenance and upkeep of their high-tech products. And with the direct marking of the components and by using serialised identification according to ISO/IEC 15418:2009 standard, the company is also in compliance with the delivery requirements TL-A 0032 of the German Armed Forces. 

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