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Efficient Asset Management on Ships with GS1 Standards

Modern ships are complex facilities that must meet numerous requirements for safety, environmental protection and efficiency. In addition to the legal framework, there are also requirements from classification societies. And all these are associated with extensive documentation obligations.

The globally unique identification of components and equipment enables efficient processes in shipbuilding and ship operation. The procurement, storage, assembly, maintenance, repair and disposal of components can be optimised based on identification and labelling standards.

The European Commission has also recognised the benefits of identification standards. With the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/608 on the Marine Equipment Directive (MED), it is now possible to supplement the "Wheelmark" with a GS1 data matrix code or an RFID chip. The article number and certificate number are stored there and enable the unique identification of the object and access to further information in the databases of the manufacturers and the Commission. This benefits manufacturers, operators, classification societies and authorities alike.