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Global Standards Event 2015

Thank you for attending the GS1 Global Standards Event in Jersey City!

We hope that you found the event to be productive, informative and of significant value to you and the organisation(s) you represent. The week was a great success with 194 attendees from 23 countries and 19 newcomers. Our sincere thanks to our host GS1 US!

The GS1 community experienced a thoughtful and dynamic plenary presentation and conversation with Walmart's Ram Rampalli. Thank you to all for participating and creating such a thoughtful discussion.

Manhattan's skyline served as a beautiful backdrop for our networking dinner – where we networked with friends - old and new.  We would like to thank Bernard Solco for preparing such a special art exhibit for everyone and to GS1 France for surprising our special guest with a French perspective on the art of barcodes.

Standards Development University

Information for Member Organisations (MOs)
GS1 Global Brand - GS1Global Office, Lisa Sandberg and David Buckley  
GS1 Training & Education new content and initiatives - GS1Global Office, Claire Dalier
GS1 Project Management Framework MF and MO Integration - GS1Global Office, Ilteris Oney
GLN Registries - GS1 Global Office, Nora Kaci and Pete Alvarez

MO to MO sharing
Alliance program - GS1 US, Alan Garton
Planograming -  GS1 Canada, Dan Clark

GS1 standards implementation stories and What's New at GS1
GS1 Industry Engagement Update- GS1 Global Office, Greg Rowe
Healthcare Update and GDSN User Cases, Healthcare Reference Book - GS1 Global Office, Pete Alvarez
Abbott Labs, Lessons Learned for U.S. FDA UDI Rule Implementation for Device Class III, John Terwilliger - and Nada Savatic
FoodLogiQ - Andy Kennedy


GS1 Global Office Update - Bob Bersani, Steve Bratt & Malcolm Bowden
GS1 US Welcome and Update - Carrie Wilkie
Key Note - Ram Rampalli, Walmart

Lunch & Learn Sessions

Innovation Network & Auto-ID Labs Research Panel - GS1 Global Office, Steve Bratt, Auto-ID Lab - Keio University, Shigeya Suzuki & Auto-ID Lab - MIT,
Simple Product Listing - GS1 US, Rich Richardson
GLNs and Sustainable Agriculture -GS1 Global Office - Jim Bracken, Sean Lockhead & Kerry Angelo


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