5.1 360*/3D Image meta-data

Meta data refers to those key image attributes which enable image Users to understand the properties of 360 images. It is recommended that meta-data be physically encoded within each image. This enables trading partners to identify and reference essential image information (carried by the image itself) when access to master image data details is not available.

5 Meta Data

There are two designations for data: Associated and Meta-data.

Associated data is data referenced through the use of a GS1 identification key, held in a separate data system
(e.g., GDTI identified in GDSN, and all the fields associated to the GDTI are located in that row of data)

Meta-data is data embedded in the structure of the digital file (e.g., ‘saved on’; ‘modified on’ dates; created by; etc…)


All products that are produced in a package should be represented with up to 6 views of the In- Package consumer pack, with 3

4.1 File format

File formats must be as follows in the following resolution range: 72 ppi – 150ppi

Targa 16-32 bit (If 32 then alpha must be I/O), no compression

JPEG, level of compression to be at 10 or above

PNG (must be alpha channel compatible and have a transparent background)

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