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Turning food waste into an opportunity for MOs: the Dutch case

The European Institutions have developed a strategy to fight against food waste in Europe in compliance with the UN Development goals. Some Member States have set up national goals to be reached, including The Netherlands. There are different possibilities to reach these public goals.

A global research institute was put in contact with GS1 Netherlands and they developed a joint project.




  • Increased credibility of GS1 as the neutral, reliable and not for profit partner in supply chain also through projects initiated by authorities and government
  • Better & faster access to information on European tenders and consortia 
  • Enlarged network with University, retailers, authorities


  • Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is a world renowned Dutch Agri-tech University
  • GS1 GO joined a European consortium on food waste (RE-FRESH)
  • The concept of battling food waste with additional product information is to be demonstrated by 2017
  • GS1 and WUR are working together with mutual benefits
Turning food waste into an opportunity for MOs: the Dutch case


  1. Enter into contact with national authorities, with an understanding of their goals, to offer GS1 services
  2. Gain the Dutch government’s trust in GS1 as a neutral partner along the supply chain
  3. Identify trusted key stakeholders to share solutions
  4. Liaise with like-minded retailers on food waste and offer GS1 services
  5. Develop a pilot with one retailer which was already in contact with the University. Provide GS1 Databar support
  6. Formally adhere to the EU RE-FRESH project

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