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Providing traceability, visibility and food safety via GS1’s TrueSource

Launched in 2010, TrueSource is GS1 UK’s leading Data Pool service used by members to provide vital product data to UK foodservice providers and customers around the world that are connected to the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN).




  • 90%+ data quality scores for members publishing to UK foodservice operators.
  • Already over 2,000 items checked by the food label data quality service.
  • 300+ suppliers involved in the data quality program.


Consumers’ desire for increased information about the food they eat, in addition to new regulations like the Food Information Regulation (1169/2011), demand an unprecedented level of quality product data and specific label information be available to the consumer in stores, online, or in restaurants and cafes.

This means it is more important than ever that the UK foodservice industry be able to deliver the right product with the right information in the right place at the right time—and at the right cost.

GS1 UK is supporting the foodservice & convenience sector’s ever-increasing need for trusted product information through the GS1 UK Foodservice Directors’ Group (FSDG). The group drives industry change by getting everyone—suppliers, distributors and operators—to speak the same language, using GS1 standards.

Providing traceability, visibility and food safety via GS1’s TrueSource


Working closely with partners, 1WorldSync and Clavis, GS1 UK has developed and extended the capability of the TrueSource Data Pool service to incorporate data quality validations that ensure conformance with UK industry and the Food Information Regulation (1169/ 2011) requirements.

In addition, GS1 UK is working closely with members to check product data for suspect information that goes beyond the standard validations in today’s business processes. Data quality monitoring on trends and additional member training when necessary allows companies to comply with regulations and provide improved product information that consumers can trust.

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