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Providing accurate consumer facing product information in order to comply with EU 1169

GS1 Netherlands executes a data quality program based on physical sample checks and logical checks via the Clavis data quality checker. In order to support suppliers, GS1 has asked several parties (for the moment XXtract and Brandbank) to set up a data capture service that includes the required product information and eventually enters the data in the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN).

  • Data quality has improved significantly since the launch of the program.
  • Usage of GDSN improved as well as the priority of GDSN within supplier organisations.
  • The program is evolving based on learnings in an ongoing effort to provide the best data possible to retailers and ultimately consumers.

Historically in the Netherlands, only logistical data was exchanged via the GDSN. The focus has been on quantity, but over time it became evident that the quality of product data is paramount to gain and retain user trust. This lack of user trust resulted in less than optimal usage, diminishing relevance, and ultimately decreased value to member companies.

In 2014, the use of GDSN was extended with consumer-facing product information in order to meet new regulation demands for specific label information (EU 1169) to be accessible online prior to purchase. As such, the level of quality on product data became even more important.

In order to meet this demand, companies needed a system to support the new data requirements and guidance on industry best practices for provided trusted product information in a consumer-friendly way.


To meet this need, GS1 initiated a data quality program endorsed by retailers to improve the quality of both business to business (B2B) and consumer-facing data. Product information is continuously checked via a service, along with periodic physical sample checks. Results are reported back to the supplier and compliance with GS1 standards is encouraged by GS1 and member retailers.

GS1’s certified data capturing services are offering this product data quality checking to suppliers along with support to become GDSN compliant. The result is better quality data that retailers can leverage across all channels and consumers can trust.

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