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Digital Transformation

Public Policy - Digital Transformation - Quality Data

Quality Data

Without quality data that can be trusted and shared, digital transformation is simply not possible.
GS1 open standards provide the tools to improve data quality and collaborative commerce, making sure data is complete, consistent and compliant with regulations.

Regulations such as EU 1169 aim to ensure consumers make informed food buying decisions at the point-of-sale or online, by providing product information on quality, nutritional value, ingredients — and sometimes, country of origin. Our standards help industries comply with regulations and ensure quality data benefits the consumer experience.

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Public Policy - Digital Transformation - E-Invoicing


The European Commission and EU countries introduced a standard for e-invoicing in response to the many formats used across the region. This lack of consistency caused unnecessary complexity and high costs for businesses and public entities.

GS1 EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) provides global standards for electronic business messaging that allow automation of business transactions commonly occurring across the entire supply chain. GS1 is collaborating with regulators, organisations and companies to respond to their needs through a common language for business.

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Public Policy - Digital Transformation - E-commerce


Consumers and regulators want real-time product updates leveraging “beyond the label” data such as product origin and ingredients. Each product needs to be represented accurately and consistently in potentially thousands of different places online.

GS1 standards enable the management and communication of product data, helping regulators and business stakeholders alike to better respond to consumer needs.

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Public Policy - Digital Transformation - Digital health

Digital health

GS1 is constantly exploring digital innovation in healthcare, leveraging on e-leaflet, e-prescription, Electronic Health Records (EHR) mobile applications for drug identification. We also leverage new technologies such as blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, analytics and medical data clouds. GS1 undertakes relevant standards development activities and supports the regulations of authorities worldwide, where necessary.

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Public Policy - Digital Transformation - Traceability


Traceability has become a key enabler for trust and safety in the supply chain — between consumers and brands — as well as between manufacturers and their suppliers.

More than ever, regulators, industry and consumers call for transparency, traceability and circularity all along the supply chain. In food recalls this is critical to quickly and efficiently identify contaminated food and remove it from shelves. Food safety regulators are recalling about twice as many products vs. a decade ago and as the number of recalls rises, so do questions about food safety.

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Public Policy - Digital Transformation - Digital Customs

Digital Customs

Customs require ever increasing quantities of information in electronic formats to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently. Customs IT systems need unambiguous identifications for products, shipments, consignments, transport units, locations and economic operators. Global data standards, like those provided by GS1, enable real solutions to meet today’s system requirements.

At WCO the focus on Digital Customs is signalling that the Customs community has aspirations to “further develop digital solutions and services, making life easier for the trading community, other border agencies and Customs officers, and to further adopt enabling technologies…to help increase operational performance, and to facilitate the reinvention of the way we do business.”

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