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Asia-Pacific GS1 Member Organisations reach new milestone with the Hong Kong Declaration

The Asia-Pacific region is diverse, dynamic and the most competitive region in the world. Representing half of the world population and close to half of global trade, it is strategically important for any business focusing on long term growth. As the growth engine of the world the adoption of GS1 standards is also increasing, with the advent of modern retail in developing markets but more importantly with the meteoric rise of e-commerce, led by the likes of China, India and ASEAN. GS1 Asia-Pacific stands ready to support this growth and has made significant moves towards a new more effective way of working together in the Asia-Pacific region.

With a sense of common purpose, the member organisations of the Asia-Pacific region came together and signed the Hong Kong Declaration on 24th October in Hong Kong, China. The signing signifies a common understanding to commit to a new way of working together to better promote GS1 in the Asia-Pacific region. It will support the GS1 members to move products to market faster, open new markets in the region effectively, including leveraging eMarketplaces, enhancing business operational efficiency and cross-border trade facilitation including customs procedures through adoption of GS1 standards and services. Foundational for the cooperation will be a regional governance, building on a structure with a Council overseeing activities, and a Steering Committee monitoring work on an operational level.


Specific focus areas that will be supported include digital food information, customs cooperation and cross-border trade facilitation including cross-border e-commerce, e-invoicing and public procurement, as well as cooperation with eMarketplaces. It is believed that this new way of working together will strengthen cooperation, amplify the voice of GS1 Asia-Pacific within the GS1 community, and lead to better outcomes for the 500,000 GS1 members in the region.

The signatories of the Declaration are: GS1 Australia, GS1 China, GS1 Hong Kong China, GS1 India, GS1 Indonesia, GS1 Japan, GS1 Korea, GS1 Lanka, GS1 Macao China, GS1 Malaysia, GS1 New Zealand, GS1 Philippines, GS1 Singapore, GS1 Chinese Taipei, GS1 Thailand, GS1 Vietnam.