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Brazil uses GPC for their National Product Registration

Since 2013, GS1 Brasil created the Cadastro Nacional de Produtos (CNP) platform to assist Brazilian trading partners in automatically generating Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN), this specific function since January 2016. The CNP helps companies to register the numbering of products and their physical locations, respectively with the GTIN and GLN (Global Location Number). The tool allows users to control their products, generate the bar codes, print labels, and manage data.

Today, there are approximately 27 thousand companies using the CNP with more than 13.5M million registered items. It promotes a more efficient registration process to reduce operating costs, increase productivity, and open new markets. In addition, it connects product information at all levels of the production chain to ensure that those who produce, distribute and market access to the relevant and relevant data of each product more quickly. The CNP replaces the previous SGN (Number Management System) tool, created in 2002, that required an application to be installed on to a user’s local computer.

GS1 Brazil adopted GS1’s Global Product Classification (GPC) standard to implement product category reporting. GPC provides identification of products that serve a common purpose, are of a similar form and material, and share the same set of category attributes. At CNP, GPC is one of the 7 mandatory attributes required by GS1 Cloud.

“Since January 2018, the Treasury Department started to validate some attributes in the electronic invoices, such as GTINs, GPC and others… using GS1 Brasil’s database as a national reference. Our organization uses the GPC as a mandatory field in our Cadastro Nacional de Produtos (CNP) since 2016. It helps GS1 Brasil to improve the accuracy of product information.” says Virginia Vaamonde, CEO GS1 Brasil.

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