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Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) uses GPC for their GlobalRecals Portal

Every day, new products are manufactured and sold across borders and online. Increased trade and more sophisticated designs can make it difficult to ensure that the products consumers buy are safe. In response to this need for better information, the OECD created the GlobalRecalls portal, the first online tool that contains regularly-updated information on consumer product recalls issued by jurisdictions around the world.

Consumers can use this portal to check for safety alerts about the products they intend to buy, especially when making online purchases from abroad. Businesses can improve tracking of emerging hazards from around the world to help them move quickly to address problems. Governments are also better positioned to remove unsafe products from the market, better protecting consumers.

The OECD chose to adopt GS1 standards for product identification (GTIN) and global product classifications (GPC) to support the search features and multi-lingual capability of the GlobalRecalls portal. Using one global standard facilitates seamless data interoperability from jurisdictions into the GlobalRecalls portal and eliminates product ambiguities.

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