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With GS1 GDSN, snack manufacturer optimises data exchange

Thanks to the GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network, Utz Quality Foods now shares high-quality product information with all their retailers using a cost-efficient, reliable and rapid approach.

The content management team at Utz Quality Foods—the largest independent snack brand in the United States—realised that they were frequently reconciling data inaccuracies and correcting errors, manually. Sharing accurate product information demanded a seemingly never-ending effort.

These time-consuming inefficiencies, as well as an impending ERP system upgrade project, motivated Utz to re-think their product data management programme.

GDSN and UTZ and Syndigo

GS1 GDSN enabled Utz to share timely, reliable and high-quality product information

Utz wanted a partner capable of updating their product data rapidly and accurately, so they turned to GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network-Certified Data Pool Syndigo.

Syndigo’s experts worked collaboratively with the team at Utz to cleanse their product content and ensure that each of Utz’s data recipients would get data with the quality and completeness they required. More than 2000 Utz SKUs were seamlessly integrated with no added manual work or duplication of effort.

GDSN and UTZ and Syndigo

Less wasted time, more accessible data

By making their product information available on GS1 GDSN, Utz’s data management processes became more efficient and less time-consuming. The move to GS1 GDSN also reduced the redundancy issues Utz had been experiencing by having multiple solution partners. Using GDSN also means that Utz can now provide their digital assets to more retailer partners around the US.

In short, with GS1 GDSN, Utz Quality Foods now has better quality product information that they can exchange with their retailers in a much better way.


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