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GS1 GDSN Extended Attributes

GS1 GDSN Extended Attributes

A word about The Extended Attribute Programme:

The goal of the GS1 GDSN Network is the "sharing of standardised" data. However, the GS1 community has agreed that there are local data needs and specific trading partner needs that are not supported in the global standard. In order for the GS1 GDSN to realize the value of an interoperable network, the policy of "embracing the chaos" has been established in which a standardized process for sharing non-standard data is going to be defined and implemented. The tools for enabling this process are:

  1. the publication of extended attributes which are visible to all trading partners within the Network and
  2. a defined method for sharing them (this is known as "AVP" or Attribute Value Pair methodology). 

The following is a list of extended attributes grouped by each organisation. For each organisation an Excel Spreadsheet detailing their attributes.  These attributes supplement the current list of attributes in the GS1 Item standard.  Questions about these attributes and their usage (implementation) should be directed to the respective organisation.

It is expected that the list of organisations and the attributes on this site will change as attributes are brought into the standard, as attribute requirements change and as new trading partners enter the Network.

GS1 GDSN Extended Attributes exist for:

Australasian Healthcare Industry

Australasian Industry Generic

Australasian Liquor Industry

Australasian Supermarkets PIF




CORA Belgium

GS1 Canada

GS1 Germany

GS1 US - Healthcare


Mexico - Sales Terms

US Foodservice Initiative