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Embracing the Future: GEPIR® to Verified by GS1

The legacy of GEPIR®

Since its launch in 1999, GEPIR has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of global trade and commerce. As a vital service of GS1, it offered immediate access to essential information about companies and their products with just a simple barcode number search. From identifying product origins to tracking shipments, GEPIR has connected countless businesses and individuals to the data they need. Its role in the seamless operation of global supply chains cannot be overstated, serving as a beacon of GS1's commitment to transparency and efficiency.

Advancing from GEPIR to Verified by GS1

Verified by GS1 provides unique, trusted and verifiable product, company and location information for business partners and government entities. Since its launch several years ago, the Verified by GS1 service has grown both in terms of the number of GS1 identifiers to search, as well as the quality of data in the system.

This enhanced database of GS1 identifiers will provide a better user experience when searching for product, location and company information with fresher, more complete data than available in GEPIR.

What is Verified by GS1

Verified by GS1 builds upon the solid foundation laid by GEPIR, elevating the service to new heights. It's a modern platform designed to check and verify the identity and ownership of any GS1 identifier – whether it's a product, a company, or a location. With Verified by GS1, users gain access to a broader, more detailed dataset directly from the source—the brands themselves. This ensures that the information is not just accurate, but also up-to-date, allowing businesses and government entities to make informed decisions based on reliable data.

Looking to expand your search?

Enterprise-level capabilities for Verified by GS1 are available from your local GS1 office. Contact them today to learn more about batch querying and API connections.

Frequently asked questions

GEPIR is an older system with more limited functionality than Verified by GS1.

Yes, for almost every GTIN, GLN and other GS1 identifiers in the world you can find basic data about the company using the number. For hundreds of millions of GTINs you can also access basic product data.

GEPIR Premium offered unlimited searches via a web interface. An equivalent service exists for Verified by GS1 and you can contact an local GS1 office to get access.

The data for Verified by GS1 is provided by members of GS1 who use GS1 identifiers, in particular GTINs and GLNs in their business.

The data is stored in a global registry so it can be accessed openly and globally.

Need help?

Contact your local GS1 office here.