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GSMP reports

Building standards to deliver business value

Global Standards Management Process (GSMP) Reports will keep you informed of GSMP activities, performance measures and work group progress:

Management metrics: activities, risks, project forecasting and metrics Metrics for Maintenance GS1 Work Requests

Project Level Monthly & Standards Maintenance Groups (SMG) Quarterly Scorecards: GSMP work group project descriptions, milestones, status and issues.

GSMP News and Events: recent accomplishments, calls to action, community reviews and eBallot voting.

The GS1 Global Standards Management Process (GSMP) is a community-based global forum for businesses facing similar business problems to work together and develop standards-based solutions. It is the only place where GS1 standards and guidelines are developed and maintained. GS1 Standards are created by industry, for industry.

GSMP standards activity is tracked here:

GS1 Users submit business needs into a ticketing system called the GS1 Work Request System. Work Request activity is tracked here: Standards delivered
Metrics for Maintenance GS1 Work Requests
Metrics for development MSWG
GSMP performance metrics - coming soon
Active Standards development Work Groups