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EANCOM 2002® Syntax 3 versus Syntax 4


EANCOM® 2002 is published in two syntax versions: 3 and 4.

Users, who need basic features of EANCOM, other than specified in the list below, should refer to Syntax 3.

Users, who need to support the following features, should refer to Syntax 4:

  • Languages not supported by Syntax 3, e.g. Chinese (additional character set levels: G to K, X and Y)
  • Payroll deduction advice message (PAYDUC)
  • Digital signature (AUTACK)
  • Security key and certificate management (KEYMAN)
  • Explicit identification of the EANCOM® code list version used

Note: Syntax 4 is NOT a later version of the EANCOM® 2002 standard; it just provides additional features, needed for certain groups of users.