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Order to Cash

The three most basic steps of the supply chain in trading of goods are ordering, delivering and paying.

This chain of events is often referred as “order to cash”. Business data supporting this process can be either exchanged using paper, despatch advice notices and invoices produced manually and sent by post or by fax. Use of GS1 EDI standards can make order to cash can entirely paperless.

These not only allow save considerable amount of paper, but also increase accuracy, reduce costs, avoid commercial disputes and overall improve visibility and efficiency.

GS1’s solution for order to cash is a set of global standards and guidelines that provide value for all parties in a business relationship by enabling paperless information exchange.

  • Both sets of GS1 EDI standards can be used to support Order to Cash process
  • The basic messages used in the Order to Cash are:
    • Order that can be followed by Order Response
    • Despatch Advice that can be followed by Receiving Advice
    • Invoice that can be followed by Settlement or Remittance Advice

Download Order to Cash brochure to learn more.

Discover the benefits of a paperless supply chain using GS1 Standards by downloading our brochure

Transport Management

Transport and Logistics companies gain competitive advantage by applying GS1 standards across their supply chain operations.

Benefits of implementing GS1 standards can include improved efficiency, increased visibility of the flow of shipments, more efficient handling and inventory management, increased security of distribution and speed of operations. Click here to find out more about GS1 activities in this sector.

Upstream Integration

GS1 Upstream Integration is the GS1 Solution to support the Supply Chain Integration between manufacturers and their suppliers. Upstream Integration is about improving the processes by sharing information and improving visibility of demand, demand changes and inventory. The goal is to increase responsiveness to the manufacturing requirements and ultimately to the final consumers. Click here to find out more about GS1 activities in this area:

Product Recall

The GS1 Product Recall standard enables an effective automated notification system in the case of recalls and withdrawals. It is a part of the GS1 set of standards for traceability. Click here to find out more about GS1 activities in this area.

Collaborative Packaging Artwork

The GS1 Collaborative Packaging Artwork solution offers a standard process for managing packaging artwork content and a standard message flow whereby artwork content in this standard format is communicated between Brands and Artwork Studios.

GS1 EDI Standards for Collaborative Packaging Artwork:

Download the Collaborative Packaging Artwork brochure to learn more.