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Radio-Frequency Identity Protocols EPC Class-1 HF RFID Air Interface Protocol

Latest version This page contains the latest version of EPC/RFID HF air interface protocol standards

This standard defines the physical and logical requirements for a passive-backscatter, Interrogator-talks-first (ITF), radio-frequency identification (RFID) system operating in at 13.56 MHz frequency. The system comprises Interrogators (also known as Readers), and Tags (also known as Labels).
The EPC HF air interface protocol V2.0.3 provides item-level tagging capabilities for HF at speeds faster than current HF protocols for RFID. This standard uses signaling (ASK) that is backwards compatible to ISO 15693. Also included is an optional signaling method (PJM).

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EPC/RFID HF air interface protocol 2.0.3

(Version 2.0.3, pdf)

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This version: 2.0.3

Publication date: Sep 2011

There is no next version available for this standard right now


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