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Tagged-Item Performance Protocol (TIPP) Guideline

The use of EPC/RFID tags is driving visibility and efficiency throughout the entire supply chain.

RFID performance is pivotal in any successful roll-out. The Tagged-Item Performance Protocol (TIPP) Guideline provides a standard means to express performance requirements and a standard test protocol to verify the performance of a tagged item that can be referenced by all in the supply chain and verified independently by retailers, suppliers or 3rd party.

The TIPP Guideline is a set of documents that outline and explain the tagged item grading definition, test protocol and test configuration for specifying and verifying tagged item performance between retailers and suppliers. The guideline allows retailers the flexibility to set performance levels for their use case using a simple tagged item grade and suppliers the flexibility in how they meet grade levels from multiple retailers. The series includes the following documents:

  • Tagged-Item Performance Protocol (TIPP) Tagged Item Grading: Testing Methodology Guideline
  • Tagged-Item Performance Protocol (TIPP) Tagged-Item Grading: Test Configuration Guideline
  • Tagged-Item Performance Protocol (TIPP) Tagged-Item Grading Grade Definitions Guideline

Supporting files:

  • Testing request form (Greg - if this is still part of the deliverables I will need this from you)