Traceability Case Studies

See top success stories from around the world and learn how businesses are using GS1 standards for traceability.


At Dalat Milk and its partners, all processes and documentation were manual and paper-based, there was no systematic way of tracking and record keeping. At farmers level, documentation was 100% manual.

Riba Smith, a chain of supermarkets in Panama, were facing a challenge of incomplete product information of supplies coming from farmers: products were not identified properly, there was no consistent product database in place.

La Juvenil, a producer of fresh pasta and Italian food specialties in Argentina, was seeking for a traceability solution that could guarantee high quality of its products.

Swiss retailer MIGROS wanted to gain more transparency throughout the supply chain of fruit and vegetable products and establish a collaborative information exchange.

Imagine trying to navigate a city with no addresses. The only information you have to go on is what the building looks like, or what landmarks it’s near. With identifying information it would be so much easier.

As a producer of high-quality lamb meat products, Mattigtaler Lamm wanted to provide one of its largest retailers, METRO, as well as its consumers with complete, accurate information about its lamb meat products.

Master butcher Paul Horvath, an owner of the shop by the same name in Vienna, turned to GS1 Austria for advice and support when he was seeking for a traceability solution, driven by growing demand from consumers for data and emerging government re

Norco, an Australian milk production company, had to comply with Chinese Food Safety Regulations requirement for full traceability and protect against the counterfeiting of its milk products in China.

V/Line, Australia's largest regional public transport operator, took a decision to transform their inventory management and supply chain processes to reduce cost and waste and to improve customer service.

The production and quality of eggs is taken very personally at Riverview eggs, a family-run business in Ireland. Riverview eggs are committed to providing the best quality eggs at all times.

Sushi Factory growing

Sushi Factory, the leading producer of sushi in Poland, is growing rapidly and keeps looking for efficiencies in operations and quality of their products.

fish traceability in Ireland

Market and consumer demands are pressuring the food industry to provide more complete and accurate product information.

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