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Traceability Case Studies

See top success stories from around the world and learn how businesses are using GS1 standards for traceability.


FrieslandCampina is on a mission to full transparency of their dairy chain, from grass to glass, and wants to share the journey of its infant formula directly with customers.

As a pioneer in food retail, EDEKA offers digital traceability for its fresh food counters in many of its markets.

Swiss retailer MIGROS wanted to gain more transparency throughout the supply chain of fruit and vegetable products and establish a collaborative information exchange.

Arcor wanted to improve information flow in their supply chain, particularly to integrate all operational processes for efficient business operations.

SACICT*, an organisation with the mission to promote Thai arts and crafts in domestic and international markets,  did not have any system in place to manage their high-mix low-volume items inventory and flow.

Efficient trace of food from “farm to table” is a topic of concern for government and business in Shunde District of China.

Manbulloo, an Australia’s largest grower of mangoes, wanted to improve the process of information flow in their supply chain, particularly the effectiveness and efficiency of communications and business operations between Manbulloo, their ripeners

Today’s consumers are becoming more and more strict on food quality, they want to know all types of information about their meat products, clear indication of “who did what, when and where” to a meat product.

CBSe, a mate producer from Argentina, is using GS1 identification standards to provide full value-chain traceability and its benefits to its customers and, ultimately, consumers in many countries of the world.

At Dalat Milk and its partners, all processes and documentation were manual and paper-based, there was no systematic way of tracking and record keeping. At farmers level, documentation was 100% manual.

La Juvenil, a producer of fresh pasta and Italian food specialties in Argentina, was seeking for a traceability solution that could guarantee high quality of its products.

For more than 50 years, Citrícola Lucato (Lucato) has been a pioneer in the citrus industry, supplying the tastiest oranges and tangerines to all of Brazil.

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