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Traceability Case Studies

See top success stories from around the world and learn how businesses are using GS1 standards for traceability.


Diamond authenticity with GS1 standards

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Limited, a Hong Kong-based jewellery retailer, has a vision to become the most trusted jewellery group in the world.

authenticity of deer velvet

Deer velvet is an animal product and companies involved in food and food processing are becoming increasingly concerned about product safety, authenticity and integrity.

Globalised Tracking at DCH

Food safety is always a top priority for DCH Logistics, a leading logistics service provider in China, especially when it comes to handling temperature sensitive food products.

Full traceability of fresh asparagus

Pilot project to ship asparagus from Peru to the USA was aimed to meet products traceability, supply chain visibility and security requirements for international markets.

H.C.L builds consumer trust

A Chinese medicine wholesaler and retailer Hang Cheong Loong (H.C.L) is renowned for selling genuine products at reasonable price.

Carrefour Brazil improves food quality

Carrefour improved productivity and food quality in supermarkets through implementation of a food traceability and monitoring program (RAMA).

Atlantic Forest in Brail

The Atlantic Forest in Brazil is the biome with the largest biodiversity on earth.

A pioneering project, the Green Code, proved that GS1 standards can serve for environmental traceability.

The Supply Chain Improvement Project in Australia aimed to increase the visibility of food ingredients and raw materials across supply chains – to deliver efficiencies, cost savings and improve food safety in Australia.

ATE using GS1 Standards to protect costumers

In the automotive industry, low quality copies of safety-relevant spare parts for motor vehicles can present a high risk for consumer safety.

Asia-Pacific Model e-port network

Ports play an important role in the supply chain acting as a transportation hub, as well as an information hub.

HEB Markets in Mexico

Latest health eating trends suggest that fruits and vegetables are more sought after by consumers because they are considered natural and in some cases organic. Therefore identification of fruits and vegetables has gained relevance.

Peruvian pisco producer growing

Tres Generaciones S.A., a growing Peruvian pisco producer, faced a lack of visibility of their supply chain.

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