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GS1 TraceWay

Step by step approach to design and implement interoperable traceability systems in the supply chain

Companies around the world turn to traceability to advance their capabilities to create more efficient, safe and sustainable supply chains. GS1 standards, services and solutions can play an important role in enabling companies to achieve their objectives while reducing complexity and enhancing interoperability between trading partners.

GS1 TraceWay is an interactive methodology to help demystify traceability. It is based upon a best-in-class process approach to initiate, assess, design and deploy traceability systems. It includes a mapping with GS1 global standards, tips for implementors as well as benefits and resources.

GS1 Traceway When to Use

When to use GS1 TraceWay?

GS1 TraceWay can help at all stages of a traceability project in any company or sector. It is particularly beneficial for adopting a holistic approach when designing the functionalities and components of an upcoming traceability system.

GS1 Traceway Who Will Benefit

Who will benefit from GS1 TraceWay?

Individuals actively engaged in traceability projects, including industry users, solution providers, consultants and GS1 organisations. GS1 TraceWay offers practical details about key aspects of traceability implementation, regardless of the drivers and technologies involved.

GS1 Traceway What Does

What does GS1 TraceWay address?

GS1 TraceWay addresses technologies and solutions for identification, data capture and data sharing across the following areas:

  • Project business case (pre-requisite)
  • Parties and locations (supply chain placement and actors in scope)
  • Traceable items (defining products and their physical identification)
  • Physical flow (including Critical Tracking Events)
  • Internal information flow (including Key Data Elements)
  • Supply chain coordination (including data exchange with trading partners)
  • Supporting elements (procedures, responsibilities, training and monitoring)
  • Financial considerations

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