GS1 Trustmark

The GS1 trustmark ensures that you know where the product information you see on websites and mobile apps comes from.

What does the GS1 trustmark actually mean?

When you see the GS1 trustmark next to product information, it simply means that the information has been provided by the company that markets the product – the “brand-owner”.

Who is GS1?

We are a not for profit international association that provides standards for efficient business communications. Our best known standard is the barcode. Find out more at

What is GS1’s role in relation to the GS1 trustmark?

We do not verify the product information for safety, accuracy or completeness. The person best placed to do this is the brand-owner. Through standards, certification procedures and agreements on the use of our GS1 trustmark, we make it possible for brand-owners to communicate information about their products online in a way that ensures that this information is not altered in any way when it reaches the consumer. 

Note: the GS1 trustmark is currently being piloted globally by a number of data providers. For more information, contact Cameron Green at

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