1.3.1: Allowed location type combinations with the same GLN

Structural Rule

The same GLN may be allocated to:
■ one legal entity, and/or
■ one function, and/or
■ one physical location, and/or
■ one digital location.
All of which must belong to the same legal entity.

Note: A GLN assigned to a legal entity can also be used to identify all functions of the organisation (or all functions for which no separate GLN has been assigned). See 1.3.2 for more information.


Some companies run operations that do not require organisational or physical sub-divisions.


In case a GLN identifies multiple location types all related rules need to be applied. When organisations become larger or more complex, multi-use of the same GLN can create unwanted dependencies. See rules 1.3.3 and 1.3.4 for more information.


The same GLN is used to identify the legal entity and the physical location of the organisation.