1.3.4: GLN identifying multiple location types: Impact of location deactivation

Structural Rule

If location removal or merge causes a GLN to be de-activated, this will affect other usages of that GLN (legal entity, function, physical location, digital location) since the GLN will no longer be used in new transactions.
In some cases, it is possible to avoid GLN de-activation, maintaining it for the other locations. For example, an organisation may choose to continue the use of the GLN for a physical location after the removal or merging of a function. However, if a legal entity is removed, its GLN must be deactivated and a new GLN must be assigned to the other location(s).


This is a logical consequence of multi-use.


GLN “A” is used to identify the accounting department (function) and the accounting system (digital location). The accounting system is removed because its functions are taken over by the ERP system.
Now the organisation has a choice: It can decide to deactivate GLN “A” and assign a new GLN “B” to the accounting department, or it can maintain GLN “A” to identify the accounting department.