2.3.3: Impact of legal entity removal on related locations

Same GLN
Inactive GLN

Organisations may have several legal entities in countries where they operate. When one of their legal entities is removed causing its GLN to be deactivated, the GLNs of related locations may remain the same (see Note).


GLNs of functions, physical locations, and digital locations will always need to have a clear link to the responsible legal entity. Trading partners usually apply contracts such as interoperation agreements to establish such links, which will be updated in case of a legal entity removal.


In order for the GLNs to stay the same the organisation will need to maintain the license of the GS1 Company Prefix (GCP) or individually assigned GLN. Contact your GS1 member organisation for more information.


The legal entity identified with GLN A is eliminated. The factory is assigned to another (existing) legal entity, identified with GLN C. GLN B identifying the factory may stay the same.