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GS1 Source Data Aggregator Starter Kit

The goal of this starter kit is to give prospective GS1 Source Data Aggregators the information they need to join the certification process.

GS1 Source Overview

Background information to help you understand GS1 Source

What is GS1 Source?

GS1 Source is a framework for sharing product information in consumer-facing digital channels. It is standards-based, scalable and interoperable. Companies can use GS1 Source to share information about their products in a standardised way. Application developers can then integrate this product data in their web and mobile applications.

For more information about GS1 Source, follow our 15-minute online training.

What is a data aggregator?

GS1 Source is actually a network of data aggregators. A data aggregator provides the service of storing product data in the appropriate format and making it available to those companies that want to use it. Each data aggregator stores information about a certain number of products. It can access product information stored in other data aggregators via a global index which keeps track of which aggregator stores information about which products.

Who can be a data aggregator?

Any organisation can apply to be a data aggregator. All organisations that successfully complete the certification process will become part of the GS1 Source framework. This means they can be connected to other GS1 Source Certified Data Aggregators to share brand-owner authorised product information provided within the framework with application developers.

Do data aggregators need to be actual data recipients of a GDSN data pool?

Data aggregators need to have a contract with a certified GDSN data pool. If their customers have data stored in a GDSN data pool that they want to use, then the data aggregator will receive that data from the data pool as a GDSN data recipient.

Can a single technology platform service multiple data aggregators and should the technology platform be the one certifying with GS1?

The answer is two-fold. A single technology platform can service multiple data aggregators, but all GS1 data aggregators must complete certification independently. This means that technology platforms should NOT be certifying themselves unless they are becoming a GS1 Data Aggregator in their own right.

Below is the definition of a data aggregator.

"Data Aggregator(s) means those persons or entities which are capable of facilitating the registration and dissemination of Brand Owner Data to Internet Application Providers by utilizing the GS1 Source Index and the GS1 Source Network in conformity with the standards and policies adopted or implemented by GS1 Data Excellence from time to time."

GS1 Source Certification

Learn about the certification process

What is data aggregator certification?

GS1 has set up to a certification programme to ensure that the GS1 Source framework functions as a trusted channel for brand-owners to share their product information. During the certification process, data aggregators will need to prove adequate technical performance, guarantee they can ensure data integrity and that they have correctly implemented GS1 standards. )

  • standards-based: each aggregator must follow GS1 standards (currently certification takes place using version 1.1)
  • interoperability: each data aggregator must be able to share product data with other data aggregators in the framework

What are the benefits of certification?

Only GS1-certified data aggregators will be able to join the GS1 Source framework. Certification ensures that the framework and the product data it contains are truly reliable.

Following certification data aggregators who become interoperable will be able to:

  • Allow web/mobile applications access to the data contained in all the certified data aggregators worldwide
  • Allow brand-owners to be make their data visible web/mobile applications connected to other certified data aggregators worldwide
  • Advertise their services as an official GS1 Source data aggregator
  • Be listed on the GS1 global website as an official GS1 Source data aggregator
  • Transmit the GS1 trust mark (in development) to application developers who use GS1 Source data

How does the certification process work?

Please contact Cameron Green at for more information about the certification process.


Information to help you prepare for certification

What resources are available to help get certified?

A number of resources are available to help organisations gain certification.