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Clinical Transformation Committee (CTC)

GS1 Healthcare is focused on helping healthcare providers.


Due to the rapid adoption of digitalisation & technology in Healthcare, the Clinical Advisory Committee (created in 2017) has evolved to the Clinical Transformation Committee in 2021. It consists of thought leaders and early adopters of GS1 Healthcare Standards from the global healthcare provider environment. Their final goal is to drive improvements in patient outcomes by implementing global standards and digital transformation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare providers implementation webinars

Bi-monthly webinars are held and open to any and all stakeholders interested in learning about GS1 standards implementation in the care giving environment.

GS1 Healthcare Clinical Transformation Committee

The purpose of this international group of clinical leaders is to have a source for expert advice on opportunities for GS1 standards development within the clinical world.


Using several steps in a patient pathway helps to understand how the clinical supply chain and patient care meet. The clinical supply chain embraces the use of these GS1 identifiers (and standards) for efficient procedures.

CTC Objectives


  • To provide leadership and forward thinking approaches to the Healthcare Leadership Team developing partnership working across the GS1 standards community to drive improvements in patient outcomes

  • To provide strategic leadership, engage with other relevant stakeholders as the committee sees fit, to monitor deployment and implementation of the GS1 Healthcare clinical and digital activities

  • To provide regular assessment of the potential opportunities presented by implementing global standards & digital transformation to transform clinical services

  • Enable the link between the CTC and the local MO healthcare advisory board.

Healthcare Providers awards criteria:


- Organisation has to be a Provider Organisations (i.e. hospitals, clinics, care homes, retail, online and hospital pharmacies) or departments or individuals within provider organisations

- Provider organisation executive board are aware & support the submission

- Implemented GS1 Standards for at least ONE process in their hospital/clinic/care home/pharmacy/department with clear demonstrable:

    • Return on investment

    • Patient safety benefits seen

- Project is scalable and provider / individual has plans to extend into other processes/ departments or another organisation

- Best practice sharing


Who can nominate?

- GS1 Member Organisations (MOs) can nominate a provider organisations, departments or individuals within provider organisations for the award

- Provider organisations, departments or individuals within provider organisations can nominate themselves for the awards

- Solution Providers can nominate a provider organisation or individual.


The "Provider Implementation Best Case Study Award":


This award focusses on the achievements of the organisation.

  1. The provider organisation or department has implemented GS1 Standards for at least ONE business or clinical process in their hospital/clinic/care home/pharmacy/department with clear and demonstrable return on investment (ROI) and/or impact on patient safety.

  2. Nominated by a GS1 Member Organisation OR Global Office Healthcare OR Industry, with clear justification.

  3. The jury specifically looks also at the possibility of replication.

Submission deadlines: 30th June and 31st December each calendar year. 

Prize: Paid trip to the next global GS1 Healthcare Conference and the opportunity to present

Apply and gain global recognition, raise your profile and increase opportunities!